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16-10-05, 04:07
Hi, i am a new user here and i am desperately seeking help.

Bout 2 years ago i was diagnosed wiith anti social phobia,i have never been the same since.
It started off really bad to the point of not being able to work then grew worse and worse.
i then decided i would seek medical advice.so the gave me anti d's which i was on untill 6 months ago i just gave up hope with them and quit,it was a huge shock to my system and made me worse but over time gradually became a little better.
now2 years on from the beginning im still having them at the minute i am working i have faced my fears and now teach so i have to be sociable,but i was so bad that i wopuld avoid every body.

Im now hoping to get my life back i used to be so full of joy happy and would talk to any body now im constantly worried that i will have an attack,i am just about sociable with people i knwo and i miss getting to know new people.

just recently i have been getting on realy well with some one on the net that i hope will become a close mate and she understands all of this which is a great help,she is the reason i am writing this.
so thankyou.

can any body help me with the way forward i want a normall life like i used to i miss the old me and i think my friends and familly do.

al i want is to be able to meet people and know i wont have an attack or even loose new mates due to them thinking im weird.


16-10-05, 08:00
hi mailman

firstly welcome to the site and the forums - there are lots of people here willing to help and give advice and im sure you will make some good friends on here - sorry i cant really help you but im sure there will be someone along shortly who will be able to give you some good advice and help you.

all the best


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16-10-05, 08:59
Welcome aboard!! :)

The way you are feeling is very normal. When I started suffering from panic attacks, I spent my whole time worrying about having an attack and forgot to do anything else. You said that meds didn't work for you - have you had any counselling at all like CBT?

Sarah :D

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16-10-05, 12:21
Hi Mailman,
Welcome to the forum, you will get a lot of good advice and make some great friends here.
Take care
Trac xx

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16-10-05, 13:34
Hello Mailman,

You are already doing the right things by puting yourself out there and encouraging yourself to interact. CBT may help further.

Hope the email person grows to be someone you can meet one day.


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16-10-05, 14:14
Hi Mailman

Welcome to the forum.


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16-10-05, 14:18
Hi Mailman,


My advice is to sow the seeds for future friendships and you have already started on this.

You are now back in the workplace and this well lead to social interaction and getting to know people.

But maybe your net friend would also be a valuable key. If you end up meeting, she would most likely understand your fears and so I believe you would be less likely to fear and suffer an attack.

I would also use this site to forge new friendships by supporting those in the same boat as you - well, that means all of us! A number here have met up and are in regular contact with each other on the site.



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16-10-05, 14:57
Hey Mailman,

Welcome to the site!

Take care,

tracy x x

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16-10-05, 16:08
Hi firstly i woudl just like to thank every one that has sent a post.
It is a great help to know im not the only one that suffers from this as its not every day you meet somone with the same disorder or even f you did willing to admit.

I hope that i can share my wisdom aswell as receive it.

its been two really long years of my life that i have suffered with this and i now beleive with the help and support of people i may finally be able to over come this.
as soon as i have the party is at mine al you are all invited

Thanks once again and i hope to speak to you all individually if possible


16-10-05, 17:00
I was just wondering if any body had tried physcotheropy and if yes did it help.
if no what are your views and thoughts?


21-10-05, 15:25
CBT Questions (http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/showthread.php?t=222)


Your anxiety is the human representation of the pictures that you paint using your many vivid colours of revolving and reoccurring thoughts.
How big is your gallery ?