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02-09-09, 14:20
Hi i just wanted to share my experience, I was put on anti-depressants in early 2008 due to depression and anxiety brought on by chronic back pain.
I couldnt' find one to suit me and had bad reactions to prozac and .Citalopram (http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=49)..so 3rd time lucky my doctor prescribed me seroxat20mg. By this time I really didn't care what i was given, i just wanted to take something to help me to feel normal again.... so i stayed away from this site as i knew it would have horror stories and i would be constanly checking for side effects..how i wish i had.:ohmy:
After 6 months on seroxat i found out i was pregnant the same day an article was printed the front page of the guardian warning about the drug.
I read this went in to total hysterics and decided from that moment on i was going to kick this thing cold turkey-as i causes birth defects in early pregnancy and if i stayed on it i didn't want my baby to have to go through a withdrawl after birth-so yeah i know cold turkey is not advised, i phoned my doctor told her of my intentions and my reasons and waited for it to begin:huh:
Really didn't take long by day 2 of my missed dose i was starting to get Brain shocks and began to feel extremely anxious, day 3 i thought i had swine flu! No it was just the withdrawl, flu like ache symptoms all over my body combined with feeling soo very cold and then the electric shock kicked in sometimes all over my body sometimes just a limb but my head had shocks every few seconds. It lasted like this for 10 days i spent most of those days lying on the floor crying unable to move my eyes to look around a room as everything hurt so much, But i knew i had to do this for my unborn child, if it was to have a chance i had to keep in mind that what i was doing was a positive thing!:) But believe it really was hard to keep that focus, but with the strenghth of my family around me somehow i managed!
I survived cold turkey and man does it feel good and for me this is purely my opinion and i know plenty of women do stay on it whilst pregnant but i am proof that it can be done. For the price of a healthy baby it sure is worth it. Oh and if i had read about it on here before i would never ever have taken it, banned in america says it all really!

02-09-09, 17:15
I can really sympathise with you as l was on Seroxat for 7 years and went through months of hell coming off it. Wouldn't touch it again!
Well done for managing to get off it :)

11-09-09, 05:24
Thanks it really was tough but something i felt so strongly about it had to be done, after 3 weeks my side effects had nearly gone, but i felt really bad. I became introvereted and panicky again. I really couldn't see me getting through this on my own,but harboured so much guilt about harming my baby with the meds. I have since gone back on to fluoxetine as this is supposed to have the least effect on a baby. I would love to be med free but right now isn't the right time....i just want to feel excited and happy about my pregnacy like any other mum.:)