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Flying Badger
02-09-09, 20:31
Hi Folks.

I have mentioned in a couple of threads that my hobbies are music & railway photography, both of which can provide some welcome distraction from my troubles!

I maintain a Fotopic site for my railway photography, and also have a small website with recordings I have made at home. Most recordings are just performances of music that I like, but there are two of my own compositions as well.

http://garycoupe.fotopic.net/ - Rail Photography
http://bve4.net/badgerssett/ - Music

The music website uses Windows Media Player, written in to the page, so you might get a warning that asks if you wish to allow a Media Player ActiveX control to run - this is normal, but you will have the option to stop this if you prefer.

I hope you enjoy looking & listening, and any feedback or comments are always welcome.