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04-09-09, 21:40
Ok so I'm just going to start taking sertraline today for my anxiety.The psychiatrist gave me the lowest possible dose and I only have to take half of one tablet for two weeks then increase it to 1 tablet. In these first couple weeks, how might it affect me if im only taking half and im on the lowest dose possible?

04-09-09, 21:57
SSRI's seem to affect everyone differently. You may not get any side effects but some common ones with sertraline are upset tummy, lack of appetite, anxiety may increase a bit, tiredness, bit shaky, hot flashes, dry mouth.

I have increased my sertraline over the last 11 weeks from 50 mg to 150 mg and have experience some of these side effects, but they do go, reading through the posts on NMP side effects usually go after a couple of weeks.
I have found with each increase the side effects get less.

Good luck with the meds this AD has always been good for me hope it is for you too.


05-09-09, 00:10
I've had Ads in the past and had no side effects. I'm currently on day 8 of taking 50mg daily and have had side effects from it(increased anxiety, some panic attacks n tinglying sensations). Like most post I can find, they say they should go within 2weeks or so. Hopefully on a low dose you won't get any side effects. :)

05-09-09, 02:25
thanks guys =) I just took my half tablet. My dose is 25mg. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll notice a change.