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06-09-09, 00:45
I never thought I'd say this but I really miss citalopram. I was on it for just over a year but went through a bad spell of depression and stopped taking my meds and seeing my doctor for about 2 months, I just couldn't summon the energy to go, I made about 3 or 4 appointments but by the day of the appointment I'd cancel (I'll only see one doctor about my anxiety and she is really popular as she is excellent).

Once I finally got there and told her I wasn't taking any meds because the citalopram was making me dizzy and I was depressed she suggested a change to duloxetine as I also have issues with my bladder and they might help. It's been a month and while I was on 30mg I was getting 3-4 headaches a week and last week I got put on 60mg and it's been hell. I've had a migraine since Tuesday and was throwing up (migraine related) for 3 days and couldn't eat, I dragged myself to the doctor but not my normal one and got anti sickness meds and was told to take asprin. The asprin helps but head is still sore but at least it's down to a dull ache and I'm not being sick.

Has anyone else suffered from this and if so did it pass?

06-09-09, 15:43
Hi I was put on duloxetine last year 60mg but because of it's side effects nausea and vomiting and terrible giddiness I was advised by my psychiatrist to stop taking it. The migraines that you are experiencing with the nausea could be a side effect of the increase in the duloxetine. I would definitely go back and speak to your GP about these side effects. If they are serious she might want to take you off the duloxetine.

06-09-09, 17:06
Hi Luci-loo
I'm surprised that your Dr would tell you to take aspirin with your med because there's a chance of it causing bleeding with NSAIDs (ibuprofen, diclofenac, aspirin etc). I'd stick to paracetamol.

I only lasted 4 days on duloxetine (30mg) because of the side effects. Had the worst headache ever. If you can't tolerate the side effects and they don't abate I'd definately go back to your GP. I suppose the best thing to do is to listen to your body and if it gets too much move on to something else...

06-09-09, 20:13
Yeah in all fairness to my normal doctor though I have a long history of headaches and most are caused by me not drinking enough so when she increased my dose she asked me to keep a diary of what I was drinking to make sure I was drinking enough on my new meds.

I saw a different doctor about my headache as I just took first available on Friday and she seemed clueless- she actually googled when I listed everything I had done to deal with the pain to see what else there was. Before my visit I had been swallowing paracetamol and codeine- the 30mg ones that I stole from my OH (but last time I saw the nhs 24 doc he told me to take that so I figured it was ok) and when she asprin I actually said "so asprin will work where 30mg of codeine will fail" which I regretted because I felt bad but she was already in my bad books for shining a light in my eyes when I told her I was suffering from photophobia due to my head.

I'm going to make an appointment to see my usual doc this week about these devil pills and ask to go back on citalopram, it made me a little dizzy when I got bumped up to 40mg but thats so much better than blinding headaches.

07-09-09, 16:26
Hi Luci

You've had a tough time - feel for you... We're like guinea pigs with these drugs! I've been on loads so far... On sertraline now and struggling a bit. I get migraines too and found the only thing that works is low dose (10mg) amitriptyline...nothing else touches it.

Glad you have a good doc though - it's hard enough as it is without additional stress from docs that don't listen to patients properly.

We're all in the same boat, so we're here to help each other... Good luck with the citalopram and feel free to PM me if you want... Let us know how you get on...

Mel77 :)

07-09-09, 17:11
Wasn't able to get an appointment that suited until next Monday (mornings are no use as in the past I get so worked up about them I can't sleep and usually sleep in) because my doc is too busy. I don't mind battling through side effects if I know they will last but not to the extent where I'm practically bed bound- such a step back as I usually manage to at least get out my room!

So far asprin and peppermint tea are helping with the pain and nausea and no longer taking 60mg but went down to 30mg I had left over which I'll take until Monday, not something I'd normall do or recommend but I only took 60mg for about 8 days so it should be ok.

I've tried so many drugs now from different docs I'm starting to dread all new kinds of meds- even for stuff unrelated to anxiety because I never know what it's going to do to me.

13-09-09, 14:27
Hi Luci,

I was also recently put on this med and started at 30 mg and upped to 60 mg. I have had the most horrific migraines that I can remember along with nausea. I am currently weaned down to 30 mg and can't wait to get off the stuff. I was originally put on it to help with pain issues that I have and I suffer with anxiety not depression. For some reason (could be the pain) I began to suffer from depression while on this medication too. Just didn't work out for me either. Hope you feel better soon.

Take care,