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06-09-09, 22:29
Hi guys iv just been put on this medication for anxiety, have been taking it for just over two weeks, iv gone from 3 x 5mg daily up to 2 x 10mg daily (9am + 5pm) im just wondering has anyone had problems on it as for the past few days iv become a little more anxious and panicy (Such a word??)

Any comments/ advice would be great!!

06-09-09, 23:40
Any advice guys???

07-09-09, 16:58
I just started Buspar today. I'll post with my results as soon as they become apparent.

Wikipedia has a geat article on it.

Just keep in mind this medication takes several weeks for the effects to be 'noticeable' and studies have shown that once the effects of the medicine become realized, it has shown to be just as efficient as Valium.

Give it more time.

I'm also taking Lexapro. And I have Klonopin/Xanax for breakthrough attacks. Did your doctor augment with any of these?

I just noticed your post is a month old. Hopefully this medication worked out for you if you were able to tolerate it.

07-09-09, 18:08
Hi swat77
I take 3x5mg but the GP wants me to reduce this. Seeing her tomorrow. However I have a friend who takes up to 6X5mg when she feels she needs it (normally takes 4x5mg) and has been doing so without any bother for 6 years+. Will let you know how I get on with GP. Am also on cipralex20 but feel I am returning to my old self.
Take care

29-11-09, 18:33
I've taken this for 2 weeks. I am already taking Sertraline and Mirtazapine. The Buspar gave me awful 'brain zaps' to the point where I felt I was going to fall over. I have stopped taking Buspar now (3 days ago) and I'm still getting a few zaps, though fewer and of a much lessser intensity.

08-12-09, 19:09
i took buspar for almost a year, took 4 5mg a day at my worst- it took a few months to start working for me- but it did wonders and made me feel normal again