View Full Version : Bad few days

26-10-05, 14:33

I am having a really bad few days with my depression, paranoia and anxiety.

I saw my CPN this morning and went to my support group. I am sat here in tears, stressed out about life and just want to go back to bed and not get up.

I am just a bother to everyone.

26-10-05, 15:51
hi musicisgood, maybe its your anxiety and paranoia thats telling you your a bother to everyone, dont listen to it and dont agree with it. yep life can stress us all out, try and cheer yourself up abit, listen to some music, watch something good on telly,dvd, anyway hopefully you'll be felling better soon .. tc andrew

26-10-05, 15:55
Maybe. just feel totally unmotivated, stressed, tired and tearful.

27-10-05, 08:50
Not much change here. Got to work this afternoon, tomorrow nad Saturday. Also got to tell my manager to today that I need her to change my rotaed hours as I start new job on Monday (not first time I've messed her around like this and I feel really guilty)

27-10-05, 12:15
There is no need to feel guilty at all!
You need to think of yourself and stop worrying about other people.
Try going for a walk somewhere nice before you go to work (so long as it's not raining!!) just to clear your head.

Good luck hun, I'll be thinking of you.


27-10-05, 13:10
Hi music,

You are still ttrying though and still working well done!

I'm sure this determination will see you through.

First Anxiety...then panic attacks...now GAD and depression...now working on a better future!

27-10-05, 18:07
Well, I told my manager, and she reacted better than I had envisaged.

I'm exhausted.

thanks for your continued support and kindness