View Full Version : So selfish I am in need of a slap!

26-10-05, 17:57
Hi all,

I am in need of such a slap it's untrue!!!
As some of you may know, I have been coming off my meds, so that me and boyf can start trying for little looby's.
Anyway, it's taking longer than I planned as I am coming off them extremely slowly so I don't get bad withdraw symtoms.
I want to start trying now as I've had problems (down stairs as my old nan would say!) so want to try now just incase I can't and have to have ivf etc etc.

Anyway, the bit where I need a slap......
my sister rang last night, she got married last year, she is 8 years older than me. She rang to tell me that she is pregnant (only just though, so don't tell anyone!!!! ;) ;) ;) ).
I am really pleased for her but I am so jealous it is untrue.
I know me and boyf haven't started trying yet, but i just wish so much it was me pregnant. I feel that if i hadn't gotten ill, then i would be married and have a baby so i am hating myself even more at the mo.

My other sister said she was worried about me finding out as it would upset me (she is the only 1 besides you lot who know we want babies!).
But her reaction was even worse than mine, which doesn't make me feel as bad, but I still need a slap. [B)] [B)] [B)]
Her reaction wasn't too good, she's getting married next year and the baby will be due a few months before, but me and my other sister are bridesmaids. anyway, she said, "what's going to happen about her dres???!!!! She can't be bridesmaid if her dress won't fit her." I tried to explain that it can be altered in plenty of time, but she has gone into a bit of a tizz about it.

Anyway, WAKE UP now, I've stopped wittering on, and those who i may have upset in the past on here, or those who just feel like slapping me, feel free......
The queue starts here!!!!

Any advice on how I can snap myself out of this will be much appreciated.

Thanks all,


26-10-05, 18:14
Hi Looby,

I don't think you need a slap at all! I think it is perfectly natural that you are feeling this way. Jealousy is a normal human emotion and although we don't like to admit it, everyone feels it at some point.

It will be hard for you to 'snap yourself out of it' but you haven't said at any point in your post that you aren't happy for her, so hold onto this. You will have a baby soon, but for now you are going to have a little neice or nephew... how exciting!

You get all the loveliness of a new baby but without all the stress, try and think of it as more experience and practise.

Don't be so hard on yourself either, it sounds like you were far more understanding of your other sisters feelings than you have been of your own!

Take care.

Tammy x

26-10-05, 18:21
Hiya Looby.
Ahhh now c'mon, I think you're being really hard on yourself. It's only natural for you to feel the way you do, I think we would all feel the same.
Jealousy is a perfectly natural human emotion (not a very nice one!), but your time will come, I'm sure! :D
So, no slaps, just a big hug from me!!
And I've got everything crossed for you!
love Jayne xx :D

J. Morris

26-10-05, 19:16
Think you are just feeling natural human emotions!

Just you're brave enough to say it!

First Anxiety...then panic attacks...now GAD and depression...now working on a better future!

27-10-05, 12:15
Hi Looby,

Ditto to all the above! it's just natural hun don't beat yourself up over it!

Take care and no slaps just hugs to you.

Love PIP' S X X

27-10-05, 12:19
Thanks all!

Well slap my thigh, no slaps off anyone!!!! Good golly miss molly!!!!!

Thank you so much, I am trying to put my feelings to the back of my mind and just concentrate on my sister's feelings now.
I am going to teach the baby all the naughty things you can think of!!! What else are aunties for?

Thanks again


27-10-05, 13:31
Think we look on every situation as how it affects us as well as what it means for that person , so for you , you are happy for her but want to be there yourself ..

That's totally fine and understandable and you won't be the first or last in that position..

Whats good about it for you - think of the help with outgrown things that you may get as well as getting added experience..


Your anxiety is the human representation of the pictures that you paint using your many vivid colours of revolving and reoccurring thoughts.
How big is your gallery ?