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22-09-09, 11:15
I had my ecg result and the doctor said that I had an old infarction due to something about the Q wave on an ecg

I am in total panic now, the doctor does not seem concerned but I am now thinking I am having a heart attack again and having chest pain, although I know it is only anxiety

Am worried sick and am having an ecg stress test next week but am not even able to sleep as I am so worried, does this mean I may have a fatal heart attack soon

25-09-09, 17:15
I thought a Q wave was something to do with earthquakes??

If you were at any risk the doctor would not have simply sent you away -- no member of the medical profession is that stupid :D You would have been displaying obvious signs of risk.

Sounds to me like you're simply panicking for nothing :)

26-09-09, 22:34
Hi Hugbear
I am so sorry to hear you are feeling as you are. If you suffer with anxiety you will get over worried about what is happening, and I can totally understand that you would feel worried.
Anxiety symptoms can often mimic heart problems - When I have a panic attack or get really anxious I always think I am having a heart attack and get pains in my chest and left arm. If you have anxiety, has this been confirmed by your doctor?
If your doctor was very concerned about your heart he would not have sent you home and you would be in a hospital right now.
Would you be able to see your doctor, speak to him and tell him your concerns, and ask him to explain further. Your doctor is the best person to put your mind at ease and explain more about what is happening.
I know it is easy for me to say try to relax as much as you can and try to get some sleep, but the more relaxed you are and the more sleep you can get, you will be in a better frame of mind to think more clearly about what is happening.
I hope everything is resolved for you soon and that the ECG results are fine. Let us know how you get on.
Hopefully you will find a lot of support on this site from other people.
Hugs to you.

01-10-09, 10:10
thanks to all who answered, i went to emergency room yesterday and had all these tests and everything was negative, they did an ultrasound and negative as well, also gave me stuff to put under the tongue but did not help, the only thing that did help was the morphine they gave me, anyway have a stress test tomorrow, but its such a relief for me to know its not cardiac and probably just anxiety. had ecg stress today and all is fine, that is such a felief

02-10-09, 17:42
Hi HugBear
I am glad that everything went well for you :) I know anxiety is horrible but I would say its preferable to cardiac problems, so I am glad you are ok.

02-10-09, 19:16
i am glad everything was ok hugbear x x