View Full Version : Luvox(Fluvoxamin maleate)-Waking up from a dream

28-10-05, 08:26
Since starting luvox I have had feeling's like everything before starting luvox was a dream like a hazzy. Everything make more sence to me now. I know that every argument I ever had in the past has been a lie so to speack. I remember knowing that i felt like i was right and that no had the right to tell me other wise with out proff but looking back i know alot of the argument were so silly and not worth arguing over but at the time i felt like it had be sorted out right then and there or something bad would happen.

I said to partner a fue day's ago that I'm sorry and he asked why. I said I know I was wrong but it felt so right at the time. He looked at me smiled him strange funny smile and cheackly I'm always right. lol he was being a smarty pant's. lol.

Not havving to deal with all the spikes i was having has been such a releif for me. Thing's feel so much more easier to do I dont feel like I'm fighting a up hill battle or a fighting a loosing battle any more. I dont feel like i trying move with the wind pushing me back with a huge force. I alway's felt like something was pulling me away or back ward's of pushing me back. It was so hard to convince my self that i was doing the right thing when it felt so wrong so unnatural so out of control to me or unpredictable.

I just thought I'd post this I dont know how many of you have tryed Luvox(fluvoxamine meteate). If you ever have spike's or feel like you are trying to hard to be positive then it might be worth asking about it. I dont remember Zoloft ever having this sort of effect on me. I helped me to get back on track but I dont think it really stop the spike's that my anxiety was being stired up by.

28-10-05, 13:23
Good to hear it's had such a beneficial effect on you Mum


Your anxiety is the human representation of the pictures that you paint using your many vivid colours of revolving and reoccurring thoughts.
How big is your gallery ?