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28-10-05, 10:48
Hello all,
I have been diagnosed with clinical depression for which I am taking medication and seeing a psychiatrist on a regular basis.
I have the usual up and down days but what really upsets me the most is the continual crying. I just don't seem able to stop and I have no idea why it is happening. This has been going on for about 3 months.
Is this normal in depression and does it ever stop?
I feel so upset and sad at the moment.

28-10-05, 11:03
Alway's crying is very normal for depression. I been diagnoised with depression 2 time's once at age 20 and again at age 23 and I'm now being trreated for anxiety. The crying wil better as you come out of depression but not crying is not a sign that you no longer need help. I took my self of med's both time's and both time I thought i'd be fine and i slowly got worse as time went by. Being 100% honerst about what's going on inside your head is a good thing as well. I've been to scared to till now to tell my Dr that I'm scared of almost anything and avoid doing thing's because I'm scared. The medication I'm on now is helping in more way than I ever thought it could. I've even made a oppiontment to see a phycologist and I'm not thinking about day in day out like I normaly would have.

28-10-05, 20:42
Hi mike,

I'm being treated for depression too. Just with therapy and herbal remedies as I'm even too scared to try anymore SSRIs.

You feel sad so you will cry. Also my friend whom was depressed to said that when the crying stopped she wondered why and almost willed it bakc again.

I cry a lot too, just try not to worry too much it is actually an outlet and may calm you down a bit.

It is very difficult though I know.

First Anxiety...then panic attacks...now GAD and depression...now working on a better future!

28-10-05, 22:06
Crying is a natural reaction if we are feeling down, low, depressed or sad.
It is better to have a good cry and let it all out instead of holding it all in. As you mood lifts and the depression starts to subside, you will find that so will the tears. And anyway a good cry never hurt anyone, and I always feel so much better for it afterwards.

Take care
Trac xx

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28-10-05, 23:04
Thanks for the replies - it's helpful to know that it's not just me and that it will pass>