View Full Version : Bedranol Propanolol Hydrochloride- Is this really going to work for me?

23-09-09, 21:54
I got prescribed this today to help "wind me down" a bit and help with my anxiety but im worried because i dont get any symptoms of anxiety other than the horrible worrying, guilt, butterflies and i always end up crying when i get these.

He prescribed this because id rather take something every day than "whenever you feel it coming on" but now im worried it wont work because im not having any of the symptoms its supposed to help such as heart palpatations etc.

My anxiety at the moment is focussing 100% on my relationship with my boyfriend which im trying really hard and i wont let it ruin it. Im positive that this wont help with my anxiety on this level which is the level which is causing me so much trouble!

What do you think? by having it "wind me down" do you think the bad thoguths will ease?