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29-09-09, 13:50
I took Seroxat for 9 years and it really helped. Because I was feeling better I came off earlier this year (not in a very controlled way - not much helpful advice from doc). Since then have felt worse than I ever felt. Major general anxiety again, weird thoughts etc.
My doctor has re-prescribed Seroxat and to be honest I want to take it just to get out of this hole. have tried various things since coming off and nothing has helped. I know it worked last time. However, my major concern is side effects when starting again. Has anyone been through this situation? Will the side effects be as bad as when I started taking it orginally? My doctor thinks not but I'm not so sure.
Any advice gratefully received - but please don't tell me not to go back on unless you know a surefire alternative I'm running out of options.

01-10-10, 18:47

01-10-10, 18:48
in all seriousness if you return to this thread try another ssri as i hear nothing but bad about seroxat.

17-10-10, 21:35
on the contrary i have found paroxetine a great help for me. i watched the programme on panorama about how bad it was and my friend (who has bipolar) told me that the withdrawal symptoms were bad but i have had a positive experience with them. my anxiety has been reduced greatly but my depression is still an ongoing issue, but that's another story.

i think the symptoms will return regardless as to whether you stopped them for a week or nearly a year, the seratonin hormone will increase again after being at a low rate, so what symptoms you experienced nine years ago may happen again, unless the whole chemistry of seroxat has changed since then, in that case i'm not sure.

18-10-10, 19:06
I started seroxat in 1996 and was on it for 14 years,i came off it last year and was fine for about 16 months then the anxiety started again so have been put back on them. ive been back on htem for 4 weeks and have had no side effects

18-05-15, 23:01
Hi, I was on Seroxat for 12 years and stopped them on December 6th 2013. I stil remember the day. 2014 was an horrendous year for me but it got better from September onwards. They say the first nine months are the worst and that was certainly true for me. Anyway I have been off them since December 6th 2013 and now, some 16 months later my anxiety has returned. I went to the doctor only six days ago and was prescribed them again. They have been sitting in my drawer for six days. I am afraid to go back on them. But not being on them leaves me with anxiety. Having them there is only increasing the anxiety. But I am terrified to go back on them. Almost exactly the same scenario as Elainey above.

20-05-15, 23:19
I am going back on them the first 2 weeks are terrible but they've helped me in the past more than once