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30-09-09, 20:41
Another thread has got me thinking- do any of you drink while taking trazodone? When I was first put on citalopram I went on a night out, had 3 glasses of wine and ended up having an ambulance calle dfor me as I was in such a bad way. The anxiety for the next few days was the worst I've ever experienced.
I feel that my dose of trasodone is definately right for me, I'm on 150mgs and am dealign with my life much better now. I don't want to rock that boat, but I do want to be able to go out and have fun with my friends occasionally. Is the occasional drink ok? Or based on the experience with citalopram should I just go teetotal?

30-09-09, 21:46
I would definitely avoid alcohol until you have managed to have a word with your doctor or psychiatrist. I am not on the same meds as you but I do allow myself the occasional glass of wine. If your experiences are anything to go by then I would definitely avoid mixing your medication with alcohol. It can increase the effects of the meds or inhibit the drug to work efficiently.

01-10-09, 01:04
I think it would maybe be a bad idea because both alcohol and trazodone have sedative effects but thats just my take on it. I can't drink anyways as it sends my anxiety through the roof.

17-03-10, 16:25
Hi..I'm new to this forum..I have slight anxiety and insomnia and was prescribed Trazodone 50mg at night time to help me sleep..I've been taking it almost 2 months now..and it has been working for me..ok back to topic..I've always been super paranoid about mixing alcohol and prescription medication together...therefore when I want to enjoy a few glasses of wine I decide not to take my Trazodone pill at night. Can you go a day without taking a pill? The good thing about Trazodone is it's not addictive..the longest I've gone without taking it has been 3 days in a row.

17-08-10, 21:22
i,m on trazodone 50mg one at night.
if i go for afew pints, i wont take trazodone that night.

i dont seem to av any problem.