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07-10-09, 16:51
Well I have recently started Card Making and I am quite proud of my achievement in this area....here are a few of my samples that I created....

I alo have a blog with more art work on if you want to have a gander :blush:

07-10-09, 18:46
That is lovely :) Well done...keep it up...i want to get into it but doesnt it cost lots of money?

Candy x

07-10-09, 18:58
Hi Lotte and candee

Lotte your cards ae lovely, its good that you have something that keeps you busy, that you enjoy, and allows that creative , expressive side of us to come out.

I too have this as a hobby, and have been doing it for a while , i am really into stamping at the moment, i love the painting, glittering, putting the card together is my least favourite, (i think thats because the stamping, painting and glittering, doesnt take that much concentration and is quite relaxing)

Candy, it can be an expensive hobby, but doesnt have to be, i have built up a collection over a period of time, you can get a lot of stuff second hand from ebay, that keeps the cost down. a few things is all you need to get you started, and the rest comes over time.
No harm in giving it a go.

Best wishes

P x

07-10-09, 19:32
Hi Lotte
I had a look at the blog. You are talented!
I am glad you are doing something which you sem to enjoy.