View Full Version : got 3 greys eggs in nest box

magpie girl
09-10-09, 19:00
Well because the weather has been strange this year my african greys have decided to breed late in the season. I have 3 beautiful eggs and they should hatch within the next 26-28 days:D:D:DSo if any of you have some nice names im open to any ideas :D:D:D

Veronica H
14-10-09, 23:04
:yesyes: that's great Nicky. What will you do with them when they hatch? Keep them or find new homes?


magpie girl
15-10-09, 19:48
:blush::blush:i may end up keeping 1 and i have a waiting list if the others hatch,there so cute as babies i just find it too hard to part with them:):)

15-10-09, 19:57
awww that is so exciting.. are they magpies?

15-10-09, 20:30
I love the birds visiting the garden.:byebye:


15-10-09, 21:58
Love your robin photo Dave777! I care for injured wild birds :)

16-10-09, 08:42
Hi Ali, is it a hobby or a full time Job?


magpie girl
16-10-09, 22:32
My eggs are congo african grey parrots mandy:D:D i also help with the rescue of most birds including parrots,

magpie girl
07-11-09, 17:26
well my first egg hatched today at 11.15 am:D:D it looked just like a jelly baby that had been stuck in a pocket with fluffy bits stuck to it.So with that in mind we named it BERTIE BASSETT:yesyes::yesyes:

07-11-09, 17:30
if you have a girl you could call her dolly mixture

07-11-09, 17:31
or molly dolly

07-11-09, 18:39
oh wow! parrots are very smart! do you let your roam about your home?
did you have to clip their wings?
the closest Ive had to a parrot was a male and a female budgie
I would let them out of their cage and the female was notorious for bomb diving my cat!
she liked to sit on me but she would bite me if i touched her!
i had to separate them because she was too feisty for the poor male!

magpie girl
07-11-09, 18:55
hi yes i let all my birds fly around and they have there own play room full of ropes and toys dangling from the roof.I did used to clip the birds but found they were much happier doing what there wings were intended for.:D:D

07-11-09, 22:38
You obviously have a very kind heart:hugs:
Myra x

Veronica H
07-11-09, 22:49
:yesyes:I love the name Bertie Bassett. Keep us posted about the others. I bet they are keeping you busy.


magpie girl
09-11-09, 13:53
Another baby hatched out this morning and pauls nicknamed him bongo :D:D

09-11-09, 14:18
sweet ,,,,bless yu

26-11-09, 04:14
When they're older I think you're going to have a good time with them!!!:winks::hugs:You might be breeding more Einsteins!:winks: Extremely Clever birds!:hugs:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rfGEtALHYs&feature=related :)

26-11-09, 08:32
I used to breed budgerigars. I also had 2 cockateils who used to fly free in the house. They talked and got into to all sorts of mischief. They'd snuggle in by my collar to watch TV at night. It's amazing how much company birds can be. Has the third egg hatched yet?