View Full Version : warning for parents who are on paroxetine

10-10-09, 16:13
Just felt i had to put up a warning if you have teenagers in your home and have been on or on paroxetine ,,

Many years ago i was on paroxetine i had the medicine form as i weaned myself of it. it was stored in a high cupboard ... .. my 15 year old son had a bad day at school and had girlfriend worries this day ,, he knew i had been on this medicine and while i was shopping thought he would take some in the hope it would make him feel less down about school ,, he looked online and it said can be used as an anti d,
he took round 25 ml in one go , as soon as i got in he has been sick and told me what he had done he had to go to hospital and stay in over night even tho in his head he thought it was a quick fix to make him feel happy , they see it has self harm and on his doctors record it says he tryed to take an over dose,he now has to have a follow up app with a care team , thank god he is now ok and feels very silly for doing it, if he had taken a bit more it could have been a very diff story ,, i have also learn my lesson to keep all medcine locked away , just would never want any other parent or child to have to go though what we went though ,,, take care dexxxxx

10-10-09, 16:26
What a horrible situation to find yourself in - I am glad to know your son is doing well and getting help that he needs - All medication taken more than the reccomended doseage can be potentially fatal - It's good that you have highlighted this - Not so good the trauma you personally experienced though - I wish you both all the best