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02-11-05, 00:03
I read somewhere recently that if you 'anchor' yourself to something on you like a piece of jewellery or a part of your body like a finger then tell yourself really positive things and do relaxing breathing techniques whilst you touch the 'item'. Eventually, if you do it enough and properly, whenever you feel panicky you can touch the item and you immediately remember the emotions attached to it, hopefully then feeling calm and breathing properly. I can't imagine this working but would be interested if anyone has heard of this & maybe tried it??? I'm willing to give anything a go if it works!!

Jem xxx

02-11-05, 00:15
I can see how this works - it is through distraction - taking your mind off things and believeing in something however silly it sounds.

I have a little "bug" that I carry everywhere with me and one in the car. You know the sort of thing - those little furry things that you stick on something. Anyway - I used it as an anchor - if I held it in my hand I felt safe. It was given to me by the charity called HOPE and they said it would keep me safe whilst driving so it goes everywhere with me.

I even transfer it between cars!

Ok I am not totally mad lol but I can understand this reasoning.


02-11-05, 01:40
I had a couple of items I had in the car and these gave me comfort plus mantras.


Your anxiety is the human representation of the pictures that you paint using your many vivid colours of revolving and reoccurring thoughts.
How big is your gallery ?

02-11-05, 10:50
I have been told to try pressing the thumb aand middle finger together of each hand, and while doing so think of something nice. After you have practiced this for a few times, the 'nice thought' comes automaticaly. I also do this at Yoga class sometimes, it is very calming.
There are times when the thought makes me smile to myself . (What must people think!!! ) Who Cares ??

Best whishes
Jenny xx

J. Farmer

02-11-05, 10:56
Yep, I too can relate to the theory behind this.

Love Piglet :)

"Supposing a tree fell down, Pooh, when we were underneath it?" said Piglet.
"Supposing it didn't," said Pooh after careful thought.

02-11-05, 13:10
yeh Jem I can see it working too. they do the same in hypnosis realy give you something to focus on, like Jenny said pressing finger and thumb. I been told to pich my leg lightly to while under hyopnosis

02-11-05, 14:43
I think paul mckenna does something similar with the finger pressing actually.

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03-11-05, 10:13
Thank you so much for your replies....I'm definitely going to give this one a go. I think I will use my finger and thumb because if I anchor myself to an object and lose it, I will panic about that!!!!!:(

Jem xxx

03-11-05, 12:01
Go for it Jem. It really does help. Nigel explained it brilliantly. It comes with practice, and has he says, double the nice thought or scene in your mind, and make it as bright as you can. Just go with it.

Best wishes.
Jenny xx

09-11-05, 20:26
Try to relive that experience now in your mind as vividly as you can, as if itís actually happening right now. Feel those good feelings that accompanied it, and try to notice what they are and where they are in your body.

Great input Nigel,

I would just like to add, that when you think vividly, increase all senses that are going on. For example make the picture bigger, colours brighter, heighten the noise, increase any smells that were around at the time, if you were touching something, really feel it in your mind. Have the picture wash through you and around you. Then once you have done that, imagine that you have taken millions of photocopies of that perfect image. Then imagine that you throw all those photocopies up in the air and they go all over you, and you see them everywhere you look. Then once you have the overwhelming experience then you can anchor it. This will just increase what Nigel has greatly said.


12-11-05, 14:09
A lot of you have mentioned paul mckenna and the method he uses, his website also says this. just do a searc for paul mckenna in the search bar and ull find it straight away!