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02-11-05, 13:49
Hi everyone,
I am a new person to this board and am 4 days into starting sertraline.
I have just spoken to my consultant who says that it is normal for me to be feeling nervous/panicky at first and that this will sort itself out in a couple of weeks.
I'd like to hear from anyone else who has taken this drug.
I am having it for panic and insomnia.

02-11-05, 14:12
Hi Rosalind

Welcome aboard.

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09-11-05, 17:46
Hi Rosalind.

How are you getting on witht the tablets? Ive just been given them by my gp and im a bit wary of taking them. I was given citalopram 2 weeks ago but they made me really ill and my panic attacks got really bad so I took myself off them. Im really worried that the same things going to happen when I take sertraline.

Helen xx

H McGowan

09-11-05, 22:13
Hi Helen,
Good to hear from you. I took Sertraline for 9 days and my panic got so bad I was pacing the house. I came off them 2 days ago and already am feeling better. The side effects were dreadful:- nausea, dry mouth, terrible nervousness and panic, no appetite, upset stomach etc etc!
My consultant has suggested Prozac now but also mentioned St Johns Wort. Like you I am scared to try another antidepressant because of the Sertraline. I think I'd rather try St Johns Wort so I am going to check out this web site in a minute to see how people have got on with it. Apparently it's used a lot in Germany.
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