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jacqui doll
17-10-09, 13:44
Hi my dr has sending me for a EEG. I go on 16 November, I was wondering if anybody has had this and what it invloves. ?


17-10-09, 13:49
I had one many years ago and not sure if it is still the same but they wire you up to the machine and then did some odd things like make you hyperventilate (well breathe really fast) and shine lights in your eyes.

It is not painful at all.

11-11-09, 00:36
It's actually quite relaxing, except for the hyperventilating part. That's no big deal though, harmless.

14-11-09, 16:23

I've had two EEG's done and they put little flat disc electrodes all over my head and a strobe light would go on and off in front of me while a machine took the readings. For me, I did not have to hyperventilate, but both my tests were for migraines. It did not hurt at all so please try not to worry.

Take care,


30-04-12, 18:33
I have had this procedure, it really isn't anything to worry about (the worst part about it is the mess it makes of your hair!) It's completely painless, and very simple. You will be lying down comfortably, and follow a set of simple breathing instructions, opening and closing your eyes when told to do so, and a bright strobe light will be flashed close to your face. This sounds a lot more traumatic than it actually is...it's no different to being in a nightclub! I promise you will be absolutely fine, the most tiring bit is the fast breathing exercises, but there is no pain involved and you'll just be able to carry on with your day as usual afterwards (after washing your hair!) Best of luck. L