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19-10-09, 23:29
Lightheaded all day everyday
Hello everyone, i just registered to this site after lurking around here for a while. I am a 23 year old male 145 lbs 5"10, vegetarian , eat fairly healthy, don't drink, but i do smoke ( cut down to about 5 and under a day). Recently in the past 12 days i quit completely. take multivitamin daily, fish oil, veggie and fruit supplements and do cardio 4 times a week 25 minutes a day . I am a worrier, i worry about alot, paranoid that people are looking at me, stress about so many things i am very self conscious.

on feb 14 saturday i experienced my first attack , i was loking for my brothers ex girlfriends cat that was missing n my house, for about an hour, i also just recently started school, my parents were out of town , my brother was out of town soo i was 100% alone.i was watching a movie smoking some marijuana when i got m first attack, felt like i was having a heart attack, had to get out of my house ASAP, picked up the p[hone was going to call 911. I was finally able to clam down and passout. It wasn't a weed freakout either i have had those , and this was different.

I went to 2 different doctors both took blood pressure , heart rate said it was good. Got blood tests and an EKG last month, everything came back clear/normal. i also recently saw a family physchiatrist from previous incidents, and he assured me it was anxiety panic.

5 weeks later i am still lightheaded all day everyday, i can't even handle this s**t anymore i keep thinking its my heart, or something else. I find that i am very emotional cry alot, get extremely angry punch walls. My phych said that is is anxiety and panic, and that he has experienced about 50 people with exact same symptoms. I still think it is a physical illness no matter what, i am always monitoring my heart rate, get pains in my left side , some arm pains. The wierd thing is if i am hanging out with my girlfriend , it seems to go away not entirely but i feel much better, but when i am alone, this is when it really starts to kick in.

Prior to a month ago, i hadn't gone out of out the house besides going to work in 2 years, no friends, no nothing , smoking pot all weekend long, watching movies video games , doing nothing. This is by far the scariest 5 week experience i have ever encountered and i just want to be normal again, i would rather die than go on with this f**king ailment.


I was doing good for months , my mind was generally off the health issue since june. I was having bloody stool , an HIV scare and other anxiety triggers. Since june my bloody stool has stopped , i have gotten a job and be doing good , the lightheadedness and derealization has been slowly slipping away. Finally after since having it since feburary 09 :( . Last night however i was watching a movie with my girlfriend and BAMM a panic attack .. i knew what it was but i hadn't felt one this powerful for months, feeling as if i was dying and freaking out. Pretty much what it feels when you smoke alot of weed and have a weed freakout. NOW what happened... what triggered this ..the only thing that changed in the past week was i start4ed having about 3 beers a day after work.. not sure if this was the cause but today my derealization/lightheadedness has kicked in again and now im back to where i was many months ago !!.... this is bullshit... how can i overcome this .. and how long will it last this time? im soo sick of feeling .. i don't know if i can fight this feeling anymore. I havent had a cigarette in 8 months , i haven't smoked pot in 8 months , i have been really healthy.. is this a medicalissue? or is this my ****ed up mind again ( pardon my language) im just soo frustrated with this garbage.. I would just like to know if any of you have had a similar problem and will this feeling only last a few days because i have already gone through it for a long period of time? i just want to be normal again

i am sorry for the lengthy post and those of you who have made it through my ranting .. thank you soo much for your time and concern. and any help you can give a lonesome warrior of panic and anxiety.

20-10-09, 22:50
Can Anyone help me?

20-10-09, 23:16
Hi Sam. I know exactly what you are going through. My anxiety went away for 3 years and came back full force, and literally kicked my butt. Finally after a year I'm getting back to my old self again, but I still have panic attacks every now and then. I get worried over the silliest things, making mountain's out of mole hills. While you were watching the movie did you feel something unusual and dwell on it? That's what happens to me when I have one. Like I feel a pang in my head and start to think that I have a blood clot or something horrible that is going to make me fall over and die within the next couple of minutes. Next time you have one, just keep telling yourself that you know what this is, and it's not going to hurt you. Kind of a mind over matter thing. Try to do something that will make you relax or distract yourself from what's going on. I know it's easier said than done, but it will get better. Go to your doctor and tell him what's going on and maybe he can prescribe you something to help you through them. That's what I did, and without my little magic pill, I'd probably still be stuck in the house, letting my life pass me by. Anyway, this is kind of long, so I hope that it helps a little, and I hope that you are feeling better. Take Care!


20-10-09, 23:33
Thank you soo much for your support and advice. While i was getting better i stilled dwelled a little on things .. like breathing but i still didn't have a panic attack . I guess i was overdue and caught offguard cuse it overwhelmed me .. and before i knew it i was freaking out all over again. I could deal with the panic attacks if it didn't involve prolonged periods of derealization/lightheadedness... i mean this is the worst feeling in the world and it was going away for a while. Now after this panic attack once again i feel like im stoned all day long . Im trying to fight my way through it but before this feeling lasted like 6 months... i can't go through that again.... and i am not going to take pills at all. Thank you tho soo much for you're support.. I mean why does it have to last soo long ... I could understand it lassting as long as the panic attacks maybe a day after ... but months ... this is what is scaring me. the thought that i will have to deal with this feeling for another 6 months :(

21-10-09, 00:13
Anxiety is cruel. I just came back after being away for months. I thought I had beat the demon but it has reared its ugly head and is beating me again.
It really sounds like anxiety for sure. You mentioned that you wont take pills for it though?? Have they checked you out for any inner ear problems that could be causing the lightheaded feeling? The good thing is it sounds like you live a relatively healthy lifestyle and that is key. I smoked pot when I was younger before the anxiety got bad but once the anxiety started it made me have a severe attack every time I smoked. To the point of throwing up and everything. Which I found soooo weird because it had always mellowed me out. Eventually after talking to my doctor he told me that with anxiety and panic it can be a chemical imbalance and the pot creates a really bad effect. So that was the end of that. There are some really safe and effective medications out there that may work awesome for you. Or something like CBT? I hate to see you so young and having to feel so awful.

21-10-09, 00:53
Thank you soo much for your help allison . I am not sure if they ruled out any of those problems . i had 2 ekgs, numerous blood tests, chest xray and quite a few doctor consultations, also had my ear flushed out before due to it being impacted. The reason i am not wanting to take pills is , i am very health orientated , i eat pretty much all organic , and take lots of natural supplements, i believe in keeping my body free of synthetic drugs and other chemicals. If you saw the stuff i eat and supplement at my age you'd think i am crazy ... one wierd thing is that the derealization/lightheaded feeling goes away in the shower/hot or cold , if i am somewhat occupied with work, or if i have a steamshower. Then shortly after it returns, it is nice to know that someone with your experience can give me insight, it is greatly appreciated. I am not sure what triggered the latest panic attack , but i am hoping that i can rid myself of this derealization feeling, it really makes life really hard .. thank you again

21-10-09, 01:12
I completely understand the medication thing. Good for you. I would request that your doc sends you for balance tests etc regarding your ears. There are many issues involving the ears that can mimic or even cause anxiety. I wish you all the best!

21-10-09, 01:30
Sorry to keep taking up your time and thank you AGAIN hehe. Wouldn't there be other side effects with the ear problem? Wouldn't have these problems been picked up in a blood test? I have read that having derealization/ and lightheadedness is very common for long periods of time with anxiety panic? is this true do lots of people get this feeling?

In your opinion what does my situation sound like? anxiety?

thank you kindly

21-10-09, 02:11
I have an inner ear problem and I have been lightheaded on and off for 8 months. I had extreme bouts of anxiety until I was told this, and yes, it really mimics other things, I have been dealing with this since February. Inner ear problems are not detected by blood tests...there are special hearing, motion, and ear/eye tests that are involved.

21-10-09, 02:46
thank you sleepless for your input. This is very interested although i am under the impression that this problem would be too simple, and usually things for me don't seem to work out that easy. I wish that was the case, so i could have it fixed. Are you cured now? how did they fix it? and how would i go about getting tested for this?

thanks for the help !!!