View Full Version : I talk to my Dr about OCD FINALY

04-11-05, 05:57
I went to the my dr today made sure I took 1 full bezon before going so i would freeze up and not ask again. I did good I did have any real bad anxiety while waiting like normaly and didn't freack out heap when he called me in. I manage to come right out and say basicly everything i want to say about me. I asked him about why the med'd stopped the scratching ect and if I maybe could have OCD he talk about his wife and her OCD she's a checker. I told him I feared harming people and thats what would set my rocking and tapping off ect and I talked about how i wont do dishes with the kids around cause i was afraid of some how hurting the kids like stabbing them if i did relaised thay were behind me and i turned with a knife. I told him i gad fears like if i paniced and ran that i might knock over my kids. i told him that when i do run after I panic that i feel like i cant stop walking as i feel like i might just throw my self in front of a car. I told him about who i tap at buss stop cause I'm scared of scream really bad at smocker for lighting up next to me all the time. I prety much covered a lot of the major fear's i had that would trigger the anxiety and rocking or tapping and that i was avoiding at lot of thye house wotk when the kids were around so i didn't have to deal with the anxiety in front of the kids of get any more fears about hurting them. I would only feel comfortable doing house work if the kids were not around either not home or I would sent the out side to play far away from me and ask them leave me alone when i was trying to do thing's.

He didn't try to convince me I didn't have it once i told him all of that and he decided to double my dose of Luvox to see if would have a even more positve effect on me as i told him i been this way all my life and i have found it hard to really make sence of it all but since being on luvox it seem to be really clear and it almost like waking up from a dream.

he also said the seeing the phycologist would even more important for me after what i told him. As i was leaving i even smiled and told him and i didn't have tunnel vission waiting to see you.

i did for get to ask about my daughter but i might wait to see how she go's and keep trying to get her to speack to me about what in her head and when i see the phycologist and get him opinion on me maybe then i talk about my daughter but that is if her behaviour keeps improveing the way it has this last weel since finaly starting to talk to me. She has been asking me to ask to the dr to stop her from wetting the bed so if she get's unpset woth me waiting and really wants to talk or wants me to talk the dr I might go sooner. I'll have to see how thing's go.

04-11-05, 06:29
Good for you!! I am so proud of you!!! Way to go!!! Things WILL get better! You are on the right track!!

"Honey, if ya ain't feelin' the bumps in the road, ya ain't goin' nowhere!" (A wise Georgia Granny's take on living life to the fullest! LOL!)