View Full Version : Lightheadedness/Derealization goes away in shower/bath

22-10-09, 02:22
Can anyone please tell me why this happens? Is it possible that i could have restricted bloodflow to my head maybe? OR am i just relaxed from the water? I am exactly where i was 8 months ago, sorry to repost my crazyness i need some input please. I am really not udnerstanding why i am back to this lightheadedness/derealization bullshit.

Veronica H
24-10-09, 09:58
When I have all of the symptoms of panic anxiety with me, then the only place where I seem to get some peace is in the shower. I don't know why this is but it could be as simple as distraction plus relaxation. I am thankful for it anyway. :flowers:hope the derealisation lessens soon, it is horrible. The more you are troubled by it and focus on it the worse it gets.


24-10-09, 20:09
i find the shower relaxes me too. when i am having bad anxiety the shower does seem to calm me down for a while anyway.

24-10-09, 20:19
try this website for your symptoms: