View Full Version : Free NHS Leaflets

22-10-09, 09:43
Hello Nicola :)

I just wondered if it was just me but I cant seem to download the Free Leaflets that you have in the shop. It says the page cannot be displayed.

Also, I dont know how this work because I know this website isnt a charity but can someone do like something sponsored eg a run and the money goes to this website?

Candy x

22-10-09, 16:18
Ahh it looks like they have moved them as I just linked to an external site.

Thanks for letting me know and I will try and find the new link for them again.

Yes you are welcome to donate any proceeds from a sponsored event - that would be much appreciated. If you are doing a run or something similar I have t-shirts that you could have to wear as well promoting the site.

22-10-09, 19:02
Ok they had renamed the website.

I have re-done all the links and added 2 more leaflets as well.

Happy reading!