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24-10-09, 12:26
Hi All.

Having been surrgested yesterday about doing xmas cards.

I thought I would post to see what people really want.....

Im going to do an online one that can be printed off and used.

Also is anyone interested in hand made ones? I have to work out the cost but they would be between 1-2. These are 3D and really do take alot of work to be done.

Please let me know what people would like.

Also If anyone wants normal cards like for birthdays etc I can do them too.

Some people have seen my cards but I think you will be amazed by what goes in them.

Nikk xxxxxxx

24-10-09, 15:24
Sounds cool Nikk:D

Could you bring a card when you come down so I can have a look please???

Luv Kaz x:hugs:

24-10-09, 15:28
I wont have xmas ones at the moment but I have got other ones ie for birthday, thank you's, etc etc. Let me know kazzie.

Nik xxx

25-10-09, 17:03
Please could you bring your birthday cards when you come down as I would like to have a look at them as I have a friend whose birthday is coming up in December and its also my partners birthday on 22nd December.


25-10-09, 18:17
Sure Sandy, will bring some


25-10-09, 18:20
Thanks hun. See you in just under two weeks time!:yesyes:

28-10-09, 18:22
What about a calendar with some inspirational quotes? or diaries? :unsure:
what about mugs too...Sorry getting carried away here! :blush: