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24-10-09, 21:30
I have been on 200mg sertraline for almost 4 weeks now. I have had three good weeks, feeling back to my oldself quite a bit of the time. The last 3 days I have been steadily feeling more anxious, bit of low mood and kind of shaky inside a weird feeling. I have woken earlier than usual and not been able to go back to sleep. :weep:

Has anyone else experienced these kind of symptoms/side effect at this stage in recovery? Also a big blip at this stage too, I am not back to where i was in the begining but I am certainly not as good as i was this time last week. I am starting to worry about this now, in case i am going back into depression and anxiety.

Thank you for reading.

Sue xx

24-10-09, 22:55
Sorry to hear sue. Is there anything other than the meds you think could have triggered it?

25-10-09, 14:37
Does sound like a "blip" to me, especially as you saw an improvement for a few weeks. But if it continues I would go back to your doctor, as 200mg is highest dose, and you may need to switch meds if sertralines not working for you anymore. Hopefully, it's just a blip though and you'll start to feel a lot better again very soon.

25-10-09, 15:12
Thanks for the replies.

I am not sure Panic 33, if anything has caused this but i have been thinking about your question and come up with these ideas.

Friday before last my grandson had an accident fell off of his BMX, hospital, 7 stitches in the chin, 10 broken back teeth, and had to have 5 needles. Now he has a blood and needle phobia, and is bi-polar. As a young child he would only want me to dress any wounds or take plasters off etc. He lost it big time at the hospital, my son in law rang and asked if i could speak to him as he wouldn't let anyone go near him, so i did but also decided that it would be best if hubby and me we to the hospital. It was an instant thought, so we went, i was fine, no real anxiety stayed until they let him out felt fine.

Secondly, I saw my psychiatrist on Monday 19th, I had been on sertraline 200mg (highest dose) for 3 weeks by then and had been having very positive results (a couple of weeks ago the thought of going to the hospital with my grandson would have sent me into panic). I relayed how i had been improving since i saw him last, and he felt i was well on the road to recovery, before I left I asked him if i should expect any more ups and downs, he said no....so the down i am having at the moment is really concerning me. Also before I saw the psychiatrist a thought popped into my mind "I bet when i tell him i am much better i will jinx myself and go down hill again" kind of sod's law.

I am speaking with the nurse tomorrow to let her know how i am doing, as i spoke with her on Friday and she said a few down days are ok but if its over a week or so they may need to revise whats going on.

I hope you are right meloncholia, that it is just a blip and i am over reacting to it. I will keep you posted on how i go.

How are you doing on 100 mg now Panic33?

Take care both of you

Sue :bighug1::bighug1:

25-10-09, 15:48
I think from what you've written that it is just a blip. Sometimes it takes a while for stressful events to hit home, and at the time we feel as though we got through it OK, but then a few days after we start going downhill. Sometimes it happens suddenly and sometimes very gradually. It sounds to me that you've been gradually descending for a while. After all we're human and these things are bound to affect us. Allow yourself a week or so to adjust and I'm sure you'll be feeling a lot better again...

I've come off sertraline now and although the withdrawals were harder than I thought they'd be I'm feeling really well. I'm taking vitamins and inositol which I think have helped to a degree...

Keep us posted and stay positive Sue! X

25-10-09, 18:10
Thanks for the support Melancholia,

I am glad that you are feeling much better now and have managed to come off of the sertraline.

I am lucky as my psychiatrist and therapist are both really accessable so I will be checking in with them this week.

I think the frustrating thing with depression / anxiety is there are no definate time scales for recovery. Everyones recovery seems slightly different in timescale, reaction to meds, depth of depression, strength of anxiety and also the ups and downs. I find that this uncertainty leaves me with lots of questions that can't accurately be answered even by the professionals. So, me being me, answer these questions myself with my catastrophic thinking style...lol, which doesn't help me really.

I will keep you posted, and will try my hardest to stay positive

Again thanks for the support.

Take care

Sue xx :bighug1:

25-10-09, 22:35
Hi Sue, keep me posted how you get on. Its the hardest thing to keep positive - even when you tell yourself 2 it doesn't work till you believe it (mad isn't it). I'm doing fine since been up to 100mg. Id say i'm 99% my oldself - just get the odd 10mins of anxiety a couple of times in a day - but I can deal with that. I was total anxiety and panic when I started from the moment I woke up till I went sleep., then Id had vivid horrible dreams all night. Sleeping fine now and most of the time feel fine.

If you need to talk at all - PM me :)

25-10-09, 23:14
Hi Panic

I am really pleased that the meds are working for you, and you are feeling and sleeping much better. Sertraline certainly worked for me 13 years ago and 50 mg kept me well ever since. Last time I had to go to 150 mg to get on an even keel though.

Trouble is I can't really remember the timescale of the ups and downs last time as it was so long ago and i was attending a day centre twice a week for various courses which helped as there was always a therapist there to talk to if I had any problems or worries.

I will let you know how I get on when I speak with the Psychiatric Nurse tomorrow.

Take care

Sue xx :bighug1:

20-11-09, 15:02
Hi Sue,

I had a similar reaction to being on 150mg of sertraline, I was even more anxious than normal and I was shaky, very on edge and uncomfortable. I was told it was because it was a higher dose than I needed, and am now on 50mg, which suits me much more. Might it be a idea for your dose to be lowered? Even for a short time to see if it suited you better?

Take care