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25-10-09, 12:49
Hi All
Is anyone suffering from a nasty smell in the nose? My smell is like rotting flesh. I have it for a few months now tried a nose spray advised by my Doc, it didn't help. Waitn to see a nuroligist over constant pressure but no pain, on left side of head above ear and temple area. Also my forhead and both sides of face feel numb. Wonder if it's all conected? Anyone else got these probs. People are saying it's anxiety but I don't feel anxious. I have had the pressure feeling for 2years now. I had an MRI Scan last year which showed nothn, but now I can't help wonder if something has cropped up and they have missed it, after all mistakes do happen.:shrug:

29-11-09, 01:29
It could be a sinus infection or sinus issues.

29-11-09, 18:12
I'm no doctor but I agree that it sounds like sinus trouble to me too. If you press on your face under your eyes and it is sensitive it could show that it is sinuses. I do hope you feel better soon and that your doctor appt. goes well.

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29-11-09, 18:17
my daughter when she was 3 ,came and sat on my knee one day the smell from her nose was bad so i took a look ,,there was discharge coming from it when pressed it so she went to eye and ear she had small op turns out she had a piece of foam out of her teddy that had stuck but swelled ,causing the smell ,she was okay ,have you put anything up your nose can you remember

29-11-09, 18:22
It does sound like sinusitis but I'm sure you have been checked for this. If it is nothing medically wrong then I know that anxiety can cause smells and tastes for some people. I had a constant bitter taste in my mouth for months and saw something which said that depression can cause tastes/smells. It's strange, I know, but it does happen. I hope you get an answer to this annoying problem soon.

18-03-10, 11:28
Go to your doctor and consult with him/her

18-03-10, 13:15
This is an old thread ....Sue

31-07-10, 00:12
Hello everybody. I really have the same problem - a strange smell inside my nose. I suffer from a lot of anxiety. I am taking a lot of medications (lexapro, zyprexa, clonazepam, lorazepam).I notice it more and more lately. I went to and ENT doctor with this problem. He checked my nose thoroughly and said there is no infection of any kind and everything inside the nose looks good, so he does not know why I feel this smell. Question. Could this be due to anxiety? I am so worried about this smell, I am driving myself crazy. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.