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Desprate Dan
29-10-09, 07:46
Hi All

There is a lot of history of heart problems in my family and i am worried as i get these sensations heart flutters which the doc puts down to Anxiety, it probably is but i would really just like to know for sure, it seems that with my Anxiety i am trying to rule out everything so to convince myself it is anxiety....:shrug:

Please Help


30-10-09, 21:15
Hi Dan

Yes you can ask for an ECG especially if it puts your mind at ease but one thing that is so important is that an ECG does not dot all the i or cross all of the ts. If you are really worried see your doctor and voice your concerns and ask for all of the appropiate tests such as a echocardiogram. But try not to have any invasive tests as they all carry risks that may do you more harm than good.

Follow a healthy diet with a good exercise regime and really that in itself will hopefully minimise your risks. Also cut down on the stress as that dosent help either so get it sorted and ask your doctor for help and then forget about it.Just because heart disease is in your family it does not always indicate a higher risk for you. Remember you have both sets of Genes from your parents so you may have good ones. Remember put it into perspective and just do what you can to minimise your risk as that is all anybody can do. I hope this helps

Desprate Dan
31-10-09, 05:31
Hi Ronski,

Thanks, its me...:blush: I get something in my head and convince myself i need to get checked out just incase, but i hate myself for being like this and i would hate to think i am a burden to the doctor... Which truth betold i probably am, and this makes mr feel terrible.. Why cant i just live life and let whatever happens just do exactly that, rather than wanting to know just whats round the next corner so i can prepare myself for it........Sometimes i really dont like the person i am...:weep::weep:


01-11-09, 11:33

It is human nature to want to get an answer for our health concerns and no doctor worth his salt could fault you for that. Health anxiety is a big issue and one to take seriously so dont think that as a person you are any the less of a man for it. I have been there but I have learned that our worries which then relate to anxiety do us no good and infact may in time just lead to health problems in themselves. So the thing to do is to have the non invasive tests and let the doctors assess your risk and then just let go.

Its not easy but its achievable through distraction and just taking life one day at a time and just living in the moment. If you just need to chat e-mail me and I will try and put some perpective on your concerns.

I hope this helps