View Full Version : Amitryptiline for headaches - making them worse? Normal?

29-10-09, 13:42

Just a quickie, on 10/20mg Ami at night for tension headaches, have been on them 3 days and to be honest my headaches are worse... could this just be a transient side effect?

Lou x

20-11-09, 18:08
I'm on 75mg for my migraines and for me they work. I do still get the headaches but they are more controlled now. The worst side effect is the dry mouth...that's not nice but use Biotene Oral Gel for that and it helps a little.:)

01-06-12, 22:15
hi there,did you get weight gain with 75mg for your migraines?

19-11-14, 21:29
I take it for headaches and it took 6 weeks for it to start working; it does not work right away. All I felt was tired and dizzy and I called my neurologist, telling him and he said I had to wait. If I stopped trying early then we would never know if it could help. It did eventually, but I am now taking 100 mg. It's not perfect but I am a bit better. Unless you have serious side effects, its worth a try.