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30-10-09, 02:29
I've been taking Amitriptyline 10mg for almost 2 weeks now, for IBS. Months ago, my sister and I started planning a night out for Halloween. I'd really like to have a couple of drinks while I'm out, but everything I can find about mixing Amitriptyline & alcohol is for higher doses.
Does anyone know what would happen if I had a couple of drinks on Saturday night? I'm also on Buccastem 3mg tablets, as other tablets I'd been put on were the wrong dosage and were making me sick, so these ones are to combat the sickness.
Do you think it would be okay if I didn't take my tablets for a day, just so I could enjoy myself when I am out, instead of worrying that I'm going to fall ill?
I don't want to speak to my doctor about it, as I think it makes me sound like an alcoholic, saying I don't want to take my tablets as I want to drink alcohol! But I don't drink often (just special occasions, like New Year) and, like I said, we have been planning this night out for ages.
Can anyone help me please?

30-10-09, 18:13
Hi Twiggy

I am on 10mg too and have nearly done 2 weeks aswell. I am going on a stag do next weekend and was wondering what it would be like to drink on them aswell so im not much help but i am in the same boat as you. I will ask my doctor on tuesday about amitriptyline and alcohol. Im sure it wouldn't hurt to miss just 1 night from them.


30-10-09, 18:14
Mixing Ami with alcohol isn't advised because the combination can apparently cause excessive sedation, but I take medication and have the odd drink and feel OK. I don't think having "one or two" drinks is a problem but I'm not sure whether skipping your medication is a good idea. 10mg is a very low dose so I would have thought it would be OK to have a couple of drinks, but you could always ring NHS Direct and they would be able to advise you, just to be sure. X

30-10-09, 19:49
I know this sounds an awful comment but without sounding like I know a lot of wierd people, I have friends who take a huge mix of both abused presciption meds, illegal substances and drink loads and remain quite normal... I have had drinks with Benzo's with not too bad an effect but I am tolerable to them. IMHO, only you can have a drink or two and see. 10mg may make no difference to you at all, on the other hand you could be a real lightweight. It won't do anything dangerous, just make you more likely to feel drunk quicker...hence cheaper night! lol... x