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30-10-09, 23:19
I'm now on my 5th or 6th week of 150mgs of trazodone for anxiety and depression and in the last 2 weeks have lost nearly a stone. Now, I'm not complaining :winks: but it does worry me a bit. I noticed for the first week I had no appetite, but by the time they were prescribed my anxiety had made me unable to eat for 2 weeks so I assumed that iw as nothing to do with the tablets. I am not making any attempt to lose weight, but I have noticed that I am less hungry than I ever have been, even though I am still eating a decent amount. Today I was incredibly busy and didn't eat anything until about 5 or 6 this evening, but even then I wasn't hungry :huh:. Is this a common side effect? I really think trazodone has completely changed my life, I feel like an actual functioning person again, but they do make me feel very funny just after takign them- I take them when I'm already in bed, usually reading, but after about 5 minutes I get nausea and just have to shut my eyes and then they knock me out! Maybe I'm on too high a dose?

17-03-10, 16:36
Hi! I was the same way..when I first started taking Trazodone I had no appetite whatsoever. I even lost 10 pounds..plus I was also sick and taking over the counter medicine for my cold. Now..a month and a half later my appetite has come back..which scares me because I've heard Trazodone can cause weight gain. I've hit the gym to prevent that from happening! I have gained only 1 pound since I started losing the weight while on this pill. (btw I only take 50mg daily)

23-03-11, 11:21
Do you split your 150mg dose during the day? I take this dose now at night and do not like how it's making me feel.

07-04-11, 07:58
I take 600mg at 6;00pm every night if not going out and by moring im fresh and ready for work.

07-04-11, 08:42
Feeling desperate again and only now on a dose of 50mg which is doing nothing....
Saw the psch last week and was told to try taking 75mg but my GP has said you cannot get 25mg tablets.
Now not sure what to do?

07-04-11, 18:11
me thinks he wants u to half a tab,.
remember with this drug its important when u take it. if u take it late of an evening then your liable to feel kinda rough first thing in the morning.

08-04-11, 09:42
Thanks for replying. :)
I thought the medication only came in capsules? (well, or liquid, which isn't good for long term use).
I have upped my dose last night to 100mg.
I believe the therapeutic dose for depression is 150mg?

Again... my thanks. :bighug1:

11-04-11, 15:48
good luck

11-04-11, 16:27
Oh.... like a zombie again!
I am a writer, well try to be, and now feel brain dead!

13-04-11, 08:47
I think it can take a while for your body to get used to the meds.
and again when you take them.

AS said before i take all mine early evening and although my social life is dead, i feel my mental health is so important that its worth it.


13-04-11, 14:31
mmmmm.... yes, you have a point there...:blush:

Have made a commitment to give the meds a chance to work. Took a dose of 100mg last night and the further 50mg this morning.
I know that the dose of 150mg is really supposed to be the lowest therapeutic dose for depression.

Will see how I fare on that... :shades:

15-04-11, 09:29
Good luck my little friend.

16-04-11, 17:47
My 'little' friend!.... lol... like it!

Catherine :D

16-04-11, 17:51
BTW.... how are you doing?

16-04-11, 21:54
doing very well. im sure its down to the meds. been back at work for a year now. still have odd days that i feel like a black cloud is hanging over me, but i keep going..


16-04-11, 23:06
... and you haven't put weight on ?

16-04-11, 23:40
actually i had put massives amount of weight on with all the meds they gave me plus being depressed leaves many people eating to feel better.
trazadone now allows me the confidence to eat better and loose the weight.


19-04-11, 19:35
Well that's a positive reply!:D