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07-11-05, 18:23
Hello there-

I have been on lorezopram for the last couple of weeks and the doctor now wants to put me on something for long term.... he prescribed me amitriptyline hydrochloride....

Has anyone ever taken this? I am pretty worried since I have never herad of this drug!




07-11-05, 18:42
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07-11-05, 18:58
I took them briefly about 3 or 4 years ago. It wasn't for anxiety or depression though it was for headaches. At low doses they can help manage pain and even help you sleep apparently. I took mostly 10 or 20mg at night and then went up to 30mg. I didn't have any side effects and it didn't help my headaches so I just stopped it with no problems. It said the dose for depression can be 150mg a day so I was on a very low dose. A doctor recently said I should try it again for anxiety, only at 20mg to take the edge off my symptoms but I said no and went back to CBT instead.
Good luck,

08-11-05, 04:52
Hello Astrid

I have taken Amitriptyline 50mg for sometime, the only down side to it that i found was a really awful dry mouth in the mornings.

Best wishes


08-11-05, 10:52
Hi astrid, I took amitryptyline for depression a few years back and I too got the terrible dry mouth and it interfered with my libido as well.


08-11-05, 11:24
Hi Astrid,

Amitriptylene is quite an old med and is very low cost. If it helps you, great, if not, you've lost an opportunity to try a more modern, effective (but more expensive) one. There are much better anti-anxiety and anti-depressant meds around.

Hope this helps


08-11-05, 12:19
I have been on amitriptyline for over 3 years now and found it to be great. I was very worried about going on another set of meds and read up on all the side effects etc. I was on Prozac for 4 years but had a lot of problems with it. Maybe due to the fact i was on diazapam at same time and beta blockers i dont know. Anyway back to amitriptyline - yes it is a older style drug but i know a lot of people on it and its has been ok. I take mine at night and it seems to act as a muscle relaxant as well as an anti dep I get a great sleep!
Bit of advice - ignore the side effects on the leaflet - these leaflets would terrify anyone.
Good luck

Darkangel :D

24-06-06, 22:15
Hi Darkangel

Thanks for your comments about Amitriptyline. I've just been put on these for my Plan C after Plans A and B didn't work!

Plan A was Propanolol but couldn't take because of hayfever / asthma and Plan B was Atarax which worked OK for a few weeks but then seemed to stop.

You are so right about the terrifying list of side effects in the leaflet! I've been on them for a week now and have mostly had good nights sleep although did have one scary moment when I woke up with a racing heart beat and very dilated pupils. These are some of the mentioned side effects but really scared me, especially as am only on a low doseage of 10mg at night.

Am just bringing this one back to the top because would be interested to hear anybody else's experiences... I don't want to have to try a Plan D!!!



25-06-06, 12:55
I take amitrip and it is a very good drug, Its a drug which affects 2 neuro transmitters and I find it helpful, I take it along with sertraline.