View Full Version : Craving SUGAR!!

02-11-09, 05:32
I've been on 50 mg of Zoloft for almost 3 wks, and I've noticed that I have been really craving sweets! I don't normally like sugary things, so this is weird for me. I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue? I'm really glad I have self control, or my waistline would be in trouble!

02-11-09, 15:25
LOL! I'm in the US...what is a block of dairy milk?

02-11-09, 18:56
Since I started with anxiety I started having sugar in my tea (for the first time) and drink sugary drinks.

02-11-09, 19:01
a block of dairy milk is a yummy bar of milk chocolate


02-11-09, 21:49
It was maltesers for me. 2 BOXES a day. Stopped taking sertraline, had my last box 2 days after that. And I lost a stone.

03-11-09, 03:41
The one good side effect with sert was reduced appetite for me...I didn't crave anything sweet. I read that the craving for sweet things is because SSRIs can play havoc with with sugar levels in some people...

Treat yourself to some M&Ms...

04-11-09, 03:54
Yes, I read that somewhere too Mel. 77....mmmmm...chocolate! I talked to my psychiatrist today about it, and he thinks it might be because I used to drink a lot of beer, but I haven't touched alcohol since I started Zoloft because I'm afraid it will melt my brain or something. lol! By the way, I feel REALLY good so far so I think the Zoloft is really working well for me:)

04-11-09, 04:01
oh, and thank you for the translation Joy:)...Anxiety77, I too have started drinking sweet tea! My new favorite is Snapple Green Tea...

04-02-10, 19:59
since i started my stetraline I am craving sugar big time I never even liked sweets before.

05-02-10, 11:07
Im on mirtazapine craved sweet food like mad. I have put on loads of weight. if this worries you, fight it, plan for it, have sweet low sugar snacks handy like sugerfree jelly, fruit, low fat veg dips etc. Wish i had done this. good luck!