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26-01-04, 18:59
Does anybody ever feel like they will lose there memory? or forget who you are like amneisa? that is one of my worst feelings I am dealing with is there other people out there like me?

26-01-04, 19:05

When I have a PA i usually forget what was going on like when im havin it, who was with me and why it happened. Not sure this would help.


26-01-04, 19:34

Everyone has different fears. I personally have not had that as a fear, but have heard of people who have, if that helps at all. I usually fear losing my mind, going over the edge, not being able to get back. That sort of thing.

Take care,

Diana xxxx

26-01-04, 19:43
hi abcdd,

im not sure if i fell like that when im panicing i cant really remember as i havent paniced in 2 weeks. its not one of my fears either but i know how you feel and i can imagine not knowing who i and everyone is. i would be scared to not recognise my kids and stuff. Have you got amneisa? i would tell you not to worry about it but saying that doesnt help at all does it? cause if you have a fear you cant take it away just like that. like my fears i cant face up to them and they dont happen everyday like agrophobia and stuff. just take one day at a time and see how you go. Keep thinking positive and keep posting.

hugs Race=hel xxxxx

27-01-04, 04:27

No i have never got amnesia but like you said I still have that fear.

Thanks for answering it helps so much when you know you have people who don't think your crazy

27-01-04, 05:24

No dear we don`t think you are crazy. We just know how you feel. Keep coming back to post to let us know how you are doing.

Take care dear,

Diana xxxx

27-01-04, 09:58

Just wanted to let you know that that is one of the thoughts I have been having recently when I have my panic attacks. I only have this thought when I am alone but I fear that I will be travelling somewhere, they are always journeys that I have travelled before by the way, and I panic that I will all of a sudden forget where I am, forget where I am going and forget my name! So yes I completely know what you mean. This is a reasonably new worry for me, most panics before hand have been to do with heart attacks or going mad but the memory thing is pretty frightening too!

You are not alone and just remember that no panic attack has ever lead to amnesia and nor is it likely to.

Chin up
Charlotte xxx