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08-11-05, 13:18

I take rescue remedy now and again to ease off the panic attacks, can any1 tell me of anything else i can try and where i would get it from

Lucy [:O]

08-11-05, 13:27
Hi Lucy

It sounds obvious I suppose but I think the best thing you could do would be to practice dealing with the panic so that it doesn't rise out of control. I know thats sometimes easier said than done but it really is the only way to finally get rid of them. In the meantime use the Rescue Remedy to ebb the shock a bit but a good bit of deep breathing does the world of good.

Sorry not much help I know!

Take care

Rach xxxx

"True acceptance means 'facing and relaxing' - it is submission" (Claire Weekes)

08-11-05, 19:54

Well iv started taking valerian with a bottle of water. Its apparently a strong relaxant but u dnt tend to notice a difference for a couple of days. But u do notice it, trust me. I think that might help you. You can get it from 'Holland and Barret' Not sure how much it is tho, i think mine was about 5. But they do smaller and bigger bottles i think. Just dnt take it without water because it really is RANK. But u cant taste it when u have a bit of water with it.

Hope that helps a little? xx Tc xx Rachel

09-11-05, 16:24
Hi Lucy.

I take Vit B 100 complex plus Omega 3 fish oil.

I also take other Bach flower remedies as they have different one's to suit different moods.

Take care,

Love PIP'S X X

12-11-05, 14:16
i take vitamin b complex, havent noiced a massive differance, but if research proves me right,it could take a couple of month to see/feel the bigger differance. i also use rescue remedy. I have some kalms aswell, dont know if they will work or not though, not tried them yet.
Im trying not to use too much, not for health reasons, but simply because panic disrder is still very much there and its becoming less of an illness and more of a habit im funding,if you get what i mean. im just spending andspending on 'cures' and as we all know...the cure is yourself! I wouldnt stop taking my vtamin though,i feel healthier taking them and i do love my rescue remedy, luckily they not that expensive to fund! escue remedy spray lasts ages! well it does in my housebound agoraphobia state!
Take care
Becci x x x

12-11-05, 16:57
ratchit, do you buy liquid valerian then and mix it in with water?