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08-11-05, 18:58
Dear all it is a while since I have posted. My anxiety and panic attacks came back a few months ago. Two months ago I had a masive attack during a hospital appointment so much so that I had to be given a hefty dose of diazepam to calm me. From that day things went drasticly down hill.Waking up terrified sweating constantly constant rushes of adrenalin that would happen every few minutes my breathe constantly smelt of the metalic adrenalin pains in chest and down arm constant tremors.My husband[who is a god] had to stay at home with me I because I was too petrified to be left alone.I couldnt go out answer the phone answer the door have a showre even go to the loo by myself.I hardly slept and because of my severe terror the adrenalin rushes were constant with no were for it to go my whole body shook uncontrolably heart pounding the full works.This happened every day and night for 3 weeks in which time I lost one and a half stone and I couldnt run from it because it was in me.I couldnt even see a Dr who thankfully kept in contact with my husband.I saw a physiciatrist who suggested hospital there was no way I could go I was scared of my own shadow he prescribed more diazepam sleeping tablets and 40 mg citalopram [which I still take]. The sleepers didnt agree with me and the diazepam didnt have enough effect.Bare with me it does get better.After another 3 weeks I had ,had enough and ask the physiciatrst to put me to sleep because I couldnt live like this anymore from being afraid of dieing I actually wanted to because it was easier than existing.Then comes the breakthrough he prscribed me clonazepam they come in 0.5mg tablets I take 2 in the morning with the citalopram and 2 half an hour before I go to bed.I was weary after being so ill but miracle I slept straight for 10 hours that night when I woke up there was no fear no sweats no pain no tremours that was 2weeks ago I have not had 1 single symptom since. My husband has been able to go back to work and last week Iwent to work for the first time in 2 mouths. clonazepam is not used normally for treating anxiety but for epolepsy I am not epoleptic but they work for me Ihave my life back Iam undergoing conselling because I cant stay on these for ever.The only side effect is I get tired more quickly and for the first week my speach was a little slurd. These may not suit everyone but Ihad to post this incase you want to ask your Drs about them.For me and my family they have been our saving grace.For someone who was as ill as I was the results came overnight. Thank you for listening and I truley wish you peace from this self distructive nightmere. Take care.

08-11-05, 20:17
I am so pleased to hear that you have found something that works for you and is making you feel so much better.

Now you have some respite from the constant panic/anxiety you can start to concentrate on recovering again and not worry about feeling so rubbish all the time.

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Meg says in here that it is additctive so I assume the doctor is monitoring you whilst on it and it is a short-term thing?