View Full Version : A Video I made about Depression, anxiety and panic attacks!!!

06-11-09, 00:55
Here is a link to a video I created today, its my way of saying thank you to everyone whos been there for me over the past few months xxxx Click the link below!!!! or if you can click it copy and paste xxx


Claire xxxx (bluebird) :)

06-11-09, 01:23
thanks claire for the great vid just watched it and its A* hugs xx thanks again xx

06-11-09, 05:26
Oh my god that is beautiful thank you so much x

06-11-09, 10:18
Thank you, I'm glad you liked it xxxxxxx

sarah jayne
06-11-09, 10:31
Ive just watched it, its brilliant xxx

06-11-09, 10:36
Very good :)
I've been making vids for a while now and i find it to be a very good outlet :)

06-11-09, 11:12
Thanks blue its great.xx

06-11-09, 15:46
Claire, that was lovely hun and very well presented.

Well done you :hugs:

06-11-09, 15:59
This video is very moving, great photography that captures the range of emotions and the chosen song has an elevating and hope inspiring property. Well done, great job! xx

06-11-09, 16:06

Great vid !!! made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end
brilliant how you captured all that emotion only using still pics

wel done x

06-11-09, 20:50
Claire xxxxxxxxxxx

well ya know, and you know were I am if you need me, things will be better soon I promise

your friend Emms xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

06-11-09, 21:31
Wow Claire.. that is just wonderful... congrats on making such a touching video

mand x

06-11-09, 21:53
just played it again it really does make me feel there is hope thank you so much x:hugs:

Vanilla Sky
06-11-09, 22:06
Well done , great video, i agree that you caught the emotions with pictures , absolutely brilliant girl ! What is the song called and who sings it ? xxxxx

06-11-09, 23:20

That was so awesome and boy are you ever clever. Good for you being able to put that together. I know we are all glad to have our NMP family, the best people to help us out in our time of need.

I'm sure your video will get tons of hits when people hear about it.

Take care
Natalie x

06-11-09, 23:45
very well done

07-11-09, 07:08
love the vidio claire its woundefull,
your doing do very well hunny am so very very proud of you

love alwys
goerga xxxxxxxxxxxx

07-11-09, 09:01
Brill Claire !

08-11-09, 01:53
Thank you so much for all the replies, it makes me smile to think I've made someone else smile!!! :-)
Paige the song is called "Say it's not true" by Queen with paul Rodgers.

I want to thank you all again for being part of my NMP family!! I love ya all xxxxx

Hugs Claire xxxx

Veronica H
08-11-09, 11:23
:yesyes: Great work. This will give everyone a lift.:bighug1:


08-11-09, 13:44
wow claire that is unbelievably inspiring thank you for giving me the chance to see that :) i will watch that video when i forget how hard it is for some ppl and i will watch that video when i am feeling at my worst to remember im not alone :)
That postivity will spread among all the ppl who watch that video , good work claire and im sure everyone one in nmp will appreciate what youve done :yesyes:

08-11-09, 13:55
and belle yr cute on yr video bless ya :P keep the updates coming :)
hey guys i think this is fantastic idea, i tell ya. and bella it takes some balls for you to do a video when u suffering wit panic disorders , good on ya x

11-11-09, 10:35
Truly inspiring and heart warming video Clare. Really inspires and gives hope.:yesyes:

Well done you, hope your ok...

Hug's :hugs: