View Full Version : Seroxat / Ibuprofen

06-11-09, 10:29
Hi All,

Does anyone know what Anti Inflammatory drugs can I take with Seroxat?

I have a bad back and the manufacturers say you can't take Ibuprofen.

If anyone can help I'd be greatful.

All the best.


06-11-09, 12:10
Im on seroxat (well coming off it) and i also have Rheumatiod Arthritis which i take Diclofenac for which is an anti inflamatory.

06-11-09, 19:04
You're not meant to take ANY anti-inflammatory drugs with SSRIs on a regular basis because of the risk of bleeding. I'd stick to paracetamol but maybe your doc could prescribe you something stronger if you're in a lot of pain.

margaret jones
06-11-09, 19:20
Hi Occy i like you cant take antiinflamotry drugs because of side effects I find heat from hot water bottle and paracetomol help me hope your back is better soon