View Full Version : Stopping Paroxetine - itching and other sympoms

06-11-09, 23:57
Has anybody else had really bad itching since stopping Paroxetine?
I'm over the nightmares, and sickness (I hope), but feel slightly manic, and over emotional. I want to laugh for no reason, oh yes and now I have less stomach cramps but daily diahorrea.
I stopped completely nearly two weeks ago, reducing 10mg every two weeks from 50mg... which was far too quick but my Consultant thinks this was slow.
It has been HELL.

Any comments would be welcome.

07-11-09, 00:25
Well done for stopping. I stopped this drug 4 years ago and it was a nightmare. It took me a few months to feel normal again but I didn't taper it very slowly. I didn't get itching but hey there's some new withdrawal effect you hear about everyday!

07-11-09, 23:58
Thanks for your reply... I know it will get better.

08-11-09, 13:17
I was only on seroxat for 4 months but even 6 months after quitting i feel rubbish!
I had the itching for about a month maybe alittle more! The feeling reminded me of prickly heat! Not the nicest feeling in the world but after all the stomach problems the med caused not the worst.
Tel xxx

31-01-10, 12:13
Can't say i've had that symtom since stopping, but i guess you can feel anything coming off it

05-03-10, 22:01
I'm on my 5th week without seroxat, not coping well mentally and I've got this itching too. Couldn't understand what was causing it till I saw this. It's driving me totally round the bend, my legs are getting raw with scratching them constantly, doesn't matter what I try putting on them nothing seems to help. Anyone found anything that helps to ease it I'can't take much more.