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09-11-05, 16:53
I'm still suffering from high anxiety and depression i think. I'm just wondering if what i'm feeling at the minute is more depression. I keep getting these "shocks" on and off through the day of who i am where my life started and then this intense fear of life and living itself. Can anybody understand or relate to this and does it sound like depression? I keep thinking of the past and retracing my life and memories. Freaking myself out but not intentional .:(

09-11-05, 17:56
Hi Su,

I get 'shocks' in the head too....I'm not sure if they are related to anything....I just saw to myself it's just my nerves or something.

Why are you scared of the future? That is very anxiety producing I guess and looking to the future and being scared of it isn't gonna help you i guess.

I do the looking to the past a bit too, I guess you almost have to shout STOP to yourself when it happens.

Hope to speak soon, sorry i don't think that was much help.


09-11-05, 19:53
Hi Su

I don't know if we are talking about the same thing, but I have experienced "shock" moments too. In my case I think they are connected to what I think of (either consciously or sub-consciously) as pivotal moments in my life - maybe wrong decisions/ choices. Reflecting too much about the past is part of depression but reflection is also part of the cure; we hopefully learn from our experiences. It usually occurs when I'm mulling over the past, but it's occasionally triggered by a current event.

I hope this helps


09-11-05, 20:08

i catch myself freaking out about the future too. So I started to try not to think about it. The future will take care of itself. just concentrate on today and the weekend. There is no need to look any further.
then eventually you can think of the future being something exciting and new and challenging. Maybe try visualising yourself how you would like to be in the future with a smile on your face and really happy.

you'll be ok.

"do not fear to hope...Each time we smell the autumn's dying scent, we know that primrose time will come again"

09-11-05, 20:29
Hi Suzuki

Sorry to hear you are having a tough time at the moment. This sounds more like anxiety than depression to me, with worries about the future and 'fear of living'.

Ruminating, or constantly reliving things from the past doesn't help, either anxiety or depression, and in fact keeps the cycle going.

It is difficult when you are feeling so low and anxious to be able to focus on anything else, but deliberately finding an activity or mental task to divert attention to can help you get some relief from these negative thoughts.

What kind of interests do you have? Do you have someone you could talk to?


It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere.

18-11-05, 10:47
Its a common mistake that if we don't think about our depression, how can it possibly get better? We go over and over the same things and we think this close scrutiny is going to cure us. When the best thing we can do is forget about it as much as we can. Do things that take our minds off of ourselves, and just make us forget. This gives the mind a chance to get better, and is the best thing a depressed person can do to help themselves.

Blue -
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18-11-05, 13:12
Hi bluebottle,

Agreed! Just such a hard thing to do with physical synptoms present to from anxiety etc.


19-11-05, 21:13
Hi Suzuki

What you are describing is what doc tells me is anexity with depression, I know what you are going through and its not nice. All I can say is hang on in there go to the GP and if you have a good one he will listen and understand