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08-11-09, 18:05
It was suggested that we got some cards made with a sticker on the back that promotes NMP (like charities do).

Nikk (pickle09) has been working very hard to create us some cards and I now have them ready to sell.

They are all in 3D and beautifully made so well done Nikk and thanks.:yesyes:

The sticker on the back is this:


Each card comes with a matching envelope and in a cellophane pocket.

I will be paying Nikk for all the materials she has used to make them and a small amount for her time and NMP will receive a donation for each card sold too.

Each card is 1.50 and the selection available is here:


Each one is a one-off and I only have the 19 cards shown at the moment. Nikk will be making more when she gets home from Kazzie's. Some are Xmas cards, some birthday and some general and each card is blank inside.

If you want to know the dimensions of each card then please post here which card number and I will measure them for you.

Due to the fact they are 3D they would have to be sent as a large letter in the UK.

Postage would depend on weight and thickness so as an example:

1 card would be 47p

2 cards would be 1.08 (in this case I would send each one separately so it would be cheaper!)

5 cards would be 1.41

It really does depend on the card and its thickness and weight so I will give you an exact postage cost when you decide which cards you would like.

I would prefer payment by postal order/cheque or online banking as the Paypal charges would be 20p for just one card but if that is the only way you can pay then I will accept that too.

Please just post here with which cards you want and I will reply with the postage costs and then we can sort the payment out.

I will add more as Nikk does them.


08-11-09, 19:06
Well done Nikk. Those are lovely! :yesyes:


08-11-09, 19:55
Ive seen Nikks cards in real life and they are fantastic:yesyes::yesyes::yesyes:

Kaz x x x:hugs:

08-11-09, 22:13
Aww thank you xxxxxxxxx

I should also add I can do the xmas ones in smaller size. If you wanted to PM me about them. I need to get the cards that I will do when I'm home!!

PM me if you want any personalised too. I dont do more then 1 of each But I do have a book that the xmas ones came from in small cards but no bigger ones left at the moment.

I will doing more everyday ones too when I'm home. If you have any preferance than PM me and I will see what I have.


Nikk xxxx

18-11-09, 19:33
Nice one Nikk - Very creative

Luv Dee xx :hugs: