View Full Version : Just been prescribed DULOXETINE, scared to take it !

sarah jayne
11-11-09, 12:04
Hi ive just been prescribed duloxetine, ive got to take 60mg once a day. Ive been prescribed it for pain relief but the doctor said it wll also help with my anxiety. Has anyone tried this ? Ive just read about it on the internet and theres some awful reviews about it. Im scared incase i get all the bad side effects.

anx mum
11-11-09, 12:18
Never heard of it but its worth a try if it helps with pain and anxiety.

sarah jayne
11-11-09, 12:30
Ive googled it and theres reaaly bad reviews about it. Im scared to start taking it in case it makes me worse. Im sick of being ill all the time.

11-11-09, 12:33
If your sick of being ill all the time, what have u got to lose?

Try it, if it doesn't agree with you then you can change it.

11-11-09, 12:39
just had a look at the side effects, they don't seem too bad, like anxiety symptoms, but most ADs or meds for anxiety usually have anxiety symptoms at first till they start to get into the system.

11-11-09, 12:40
Try it Sarah - you'll never know till you try. It didn't agree with me at all - made me really sick - but it may help you a lot. There are a lot of people who say it's really helped their pain.

I thought you were taking amitriptyline?

sarah jayne
11-11-09, 12:42
Im not taking one today as ive got lots to do and ive got to drive my daughter somewhere later. I'll take one in the morning when my hubbys off work. Im scared cause i always seem to get all the bad side effects of every drug i take. Hopefully i'll be ok with this one.

11-11-09, 12:46
meds affect me quite severly too.

Good idea taking it tomorrow when your hubby is there, that should help reassure you abit :yesyes:

11-11-09, 20:27
sarah jayne its worth a try because it may help and side effects are normally temporary

11-11-09, 23:25
I take 90mg Duloxetene a day. They work fine for me.

sarah jayne
12-11-09, 08:39
Thanks everyone for your replies. Did you have any side effects maddie ? Im going to take my first one soon and im dreading it because i always seem to get the worst side effects, but anythings better than feeling like i do at the moment.
Sarah x

12-11-09, 09:53
I was pretty bad when I started taking them. I don't remember any bad side effects, just that I started feeling better after about 4 days. I've been on them 3 years now. Good luck. I hope they suit you.

sarah jayne
12-11-09, 10:20
thanks x

sarah jayne
12-11-09, 19:24
Well after worrying about it all morning i had one at dinner time, ive got a headache and feel really sick, i havent been able to eat anything but im hoping it will wear off in a couple of days. As well as this i also take amitryptiline at night and it says on the information leaflet that because of this i have a greater chance of getting side effects. Bloody great !!!