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13-11-09, 17:13
Hi Everyone. Any advice on switching from Seroxat 20mg to Citalopram 40mg please?
(Here's my story:) I had a problem about 6 months ago after weaning slowly down to 10mg Seroxat from 20. I took about a year, but still had an awful crash at 10, out of nowhere. The doc at the time told me to go straight back to 20, which i did, but i'm still recovering! Its not the same as before, and while i don't feel as terrible as back then, i do still have cycles of panic which come and go every few weeks, interspersed with cycles of sorrow which, again, come and go.
That would be ok, but I had a very black day yesterday, out of the blue I was hit with a depressive cloud and suicidal thoughts, very intrusive and not welcome at all. I feel like Seroxat has complete control of my moods and i am either flat, non-caring, or anxious and sad.
I went to see another doc today and she said change to Citalopram (40mg) straight away. I questioned if stopping the Seroxat and waiting for the Cit. to take hold was a good idea, she said "um, ok, take 10mg Seroxat for a week while still taking the Citalopram".

I'm unsure. I don't want the Seroxat crash at all, and as far as i know the Cit. takes longer to get going. Has anyone swapped? If so, what dosages, weaning, and timescales worked for you? I'm holding fire until i know. Thanks.

jackie xxx
19-11-09, 13:21
Hi I've swapped and came down a million times with no avail until my doc gave me a drug called flouxetine, which I can only describe as a wonder drug it allows you to swap or come off without any of the usual terrifying side affects.:bighug1:

14-12-09, 15:56
Jackie, you say you've "swapped and came down a million times" - swapped from Seroxat to Citalopram? You tried to come down (with no luck) on the Citalopram i guess. How was the change-over? I'm not so worried about coming off just yet, but i want to change from seroxat as it's making me feel very strange this time. Did you manage to swap over ok?

16-01-10, 16:52
Hi ive been told to do the same swap..did it work for u???x

16-01-10, 18:39
hi Matt,
just some info from my experience, I was on seroxat for 12 years, i thought goung to give it a try coming off last july reduced until september then stopped, cry it was buckets full, anger frustration hit the rickter scale, left my husband 3 times blamed everyone for everything.
in December stared worse than i have ever been with anxiety, panic fear the works,
went on citralopam and some oxapam? to keep me calm whilst they started to work sleep no way, rest, relax, eat, no way until now everyone reacts differently, there is loads of excellent advice on this site, It has been the best thing i have ever done coming on here, I,m on my 6th week feeling calmer, can eat, sleep (still on sleeping pills but they did not even work for the first 2 weeks)
MATT all I can say is time just see hopw you go, If I am anything to go by YOU WILL get through,
my good and calming thoughts are heading your way.
love crissyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

16-01-10, 18:39
My doctor
took me on sertraline 60mg one day and put me onto citroplam 10mg the next day.