View Full Version : 3rd day on cymbalta / duloxetine and feeling awful ...

sarah jayne
14-11-09, 18:29
I started taking cymbalta 3 days ago and im feeling awful. The first day i was constantly sick, i was up all night. Now i still feel sick, my legs feel like jelly and i feel really shaky. Ive totally lost my appetite. Has anyone experienced this, will it gradually stop ? My mums 50 today and because i feel so poorly i cant go to her party, i feel horrible 1
Thanks, Sarah x

23-05-10, 22:12
Hi Sarah,

I started 4 days ago on duloxetine and feeling exactly the same as you except i haven't actually been sick - just feel like it all the time. I've been told by my doctor that the side effects will slowly reduce after 2 weeks :(