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17-11-09, 20:27
Dr gave me diazepam for my fear of flying 2 years ago, and it didn't help at all. It was a 2mg dose. I was too scared to take more so I drank alcohol instead. Mixed together, I ended up being sick a few hours later.

I'm flying again in a few weeks & I have 12mg of diazepam in 2mg tablets. Dr has recommended 2mg again, but I know it won't work! Should I take 4mg instead?

How long would the diazepam keep me calm for? The flight is 3 hours long & I don't want to panic mid-flight if it wears off.

17-11-09, 22:10

I would take 3 x 2mg tabs

I take 5 mg and function ok on it

Good Luck

Kaz x x x

17-11-09, 22:22
I would go back to doc and explain it didn't work and ask what dose he recommends as he knows what other medication etc you are on so he is the best one to advise.

Personally for me I used to use 1mg to help to fly and that was enough but we are all different.

You do need to ask doc though as there may be a reason he doesn't want you to take more.

margaret jones
17-11-09, 22:32
Weathers Hi
I think a visit or a call to your Dr is the best advise .Everyone is different so yur dose is going to be different to others .

Hope you have a nice and stress free flight Take Care Margaretx

18-11-09, 12:23
When I told him 2mg did nothing, he went on about if he gives me more to make me too sleepy I wouldn't be insured on the plane. He went on about this a lot. I think if I went back he would say the same thing.

I'm fairly large, I weigh nearly 15 stone, my thinking is that my weight could be the reason 2mg didn't do anything for me?

How long does diazepam stay in your system for?

24-11-09, 19:59

I got for flying and advised to take what I need took about 5mg for going out and about 6-8mg for coming back. It just made me tired but again we are all different.

24-11-09, 20:24
I can never understand why Dr's give out Diazepam for flying when something like Ativan would surely be more effective? Diazepam stays in the body a long time and has a long half life, whereas Ativan works quickly and is out of the body much quicker too. I know lots of people who have tried both and they all find Ativan to be far more effective.

27-11-09, 23:31
Hi Weathers, I really understand where your coming from.. I'm terrified of flying.. I have to admit that 2mg of diazapam wouldn't touch me at all.. It's a very tiny dose. I usually take 10 mg when i fly.
Everyone is very different though and what is ok for me, might not be ok for someone else so it's always best to get advice from GP. I tend to take a test dose of the medication a few days before to make sure that I'm ok with it.
Best Wishes to you.

27-11-09, 23:33
Ooh i just reread your post.. I would advise that you see another GP in the practice to ask for their opinion as well.. My GP is great and is happy to discuss options with me.. x