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12-11-05, 16:27
Hi everyone
I thought i would bring this topic up again as it might affect a lot of people.Im not sure whether i suffer from it or whether im just a miserable person anyway!
The last few weeks i have been feeling more and more exhausted and generally unwell.I have had a lot of chest pain,in fact i think ive taken over the forums talking about it!
So, that, along with the horrible exhaustion makes me think,uh oh im really ill here.Im also really breathless and irritable and weepy.
Can anyone relate?
Hunny xx

12-11-05, 16:42
Hi again Hunny. I think I suffer SAD too as this year I was feeling so much better and when the dark cold wet nights and mornings came I felt so much worst. Like you feel tired aches pains etc. But they say a lack on natrual light can have a bad effect on some people? Earlier this yaer I pushed myself much more and started doing things in the garden and going out more and it did work I felt much better being able to go outside anytime up till about 10pm. But look at it now lol cold dark and usualy wet by 4pm. so maybe this does effect us more than we think?. Take care you will get there in the end. Vernon

12-11-05, 17:21
Its not the cold or the fact it goes dark early its just the endless grey days that do it for me. If we have a long run of these sort of days it really does affect me.

Love Piglet:)

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12-11-05, 17:29
Hi Hunny

Oh I can relate yes. I've been like it for months - obviously these dark days do not help at all.

The tiredness I can relate to very well. Last week I was so so tired it was incredible. I get this feeling come over me like complete exhaustion, drowsy, lethargic like I could fall down almost.

Also my energy spans are very short. I do try to fight it and sometimes can feel better if I keep going. However most of the time I have to give in to it and lie on the sofa.
Take care

Y Goble

12-11-05, 18:07
I can also relate to how you are feeling. I have had a miserable week. Feeling very low, and really unsure of myself, can I do this can ,can I do that. I have also had this feeling of unreality, which I haven't had for ages. I know you shouldn't wish your life away but role on Spring.

Jenny xx

J. Farmer

Sue K with 5
12-11-05, 20:35
I think we all have the potential to suffer SAD when we have a tendancy to suffer anxiety the weather (especially the cold) make us feel more lethargic and depressed !

My GP once advised me to take star flower oil and vitamins during the winter months as a pick me up !

I did ask if a bottle of vodka per week would do the same and she said only if I wanted more problems !

So I took the combined rememedies and it actually did work

Try it

You have nothing to lose

Sue with 5


13-11-05, 09:41
Hi Hunny

Yes, I am convinced I have SAD as well, as the winter months always make me low, but if we have a sunny day like today I feel a lot better. Sunshine is sucha good uplifter it should be bottled!lol !

Take care

Elaine x