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20-11-09, 03:17
Just thought you'd like this if you haven't heard it before.:hugs:


23-11-09, 15:36
Hi Bill :hugs:

Thankyou so much for the vid. I really enjoyed the music ...so very relaxing. I particularly liked the robin and the humming birds. ......I havent been online for a few days as I've had a migraine. Thankfully its gone! How are you doing? Hope you've fed your birds!!:D

Lex xxx:hugs:

24-11-09, 03:41
Sorry to hear about your migraine Lex. Nasty, aren't they!:bighug1:

Wondered where you'd "flown off to"!:winks:

Yes, I've been putting the food out and today they were all down again in the sun. Blue tits, great tits, coal tits, dunnocks, house sparrows, robins, blackbirds, chaffinches and of course the romantic collared doves! Even had a seagull leave his calling card on the car! There's gratitude for you!:lac:

24-11-09, 22:13
Yes very nasty ....thankfully I dont get them very often.

Glad your birds are fed:)......today I had all the usual suspects like blue tits, great tits and sparrows. I'm glad I saw my robin as he always cheers me up. Just to see him bobbing and dipping is a joy. I love their song too although I think the wrens song is just as nice! :hugs:

26-11-09, 03:52
I think you'll love these!:)



Fancy a Christmas one?



26-11-09, 21:58
I did love them....the first one made me laugh out loud...and the last one has made me feel really Christmassy! :hugs:

27-11-09, 04:42
Remember this song?:hugs::)


A year or so ago, our labrador sneezed in the living room and 2 of his front lower teeth flew out!.....Whenever I see his gap, I keep thinking of this song! Hope it raises a smile!:) Remember it?


27-11-09, 18:05
Yes I remember that song. One of my cats was sitting next to me when I was listening to it and decided to join in the with the chorus. :D

Aww I'm just imagining your poor dog with no front teeth. Bet he/she now has to suck on the dog biscuits!

I remember my Grandad singing this exact same song to me as a child when I lost my teeth as you do at that age. Still remember the sixpences under my pillow from the fairies.:D :hugs:

28-11-09, 04:15
I loved the opening scene to this film. Never trust a cat!:winks::D


29-11-09, 18:43
Oh I love this film. I have it on dvd. Its usually on over Christmas too!:D:yesyes: