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20-11-09, 15:22
Phoned my surgery this morning and got a Dr on call-back.She was not my usual Dr but advised I increase my dose from 30 to 40mg.Apparently seroxat is only increased by 10mg at a time?I've been on the seroxat for about 8 weeks and was doing nicely until about 4 days ago :shrug:


26-11-09, 16:39
Here's my very unhelpful post... I have no idea :unsure:

I just started on 20mg two days ago and am feeling weird as hell at the minute and no less anxious!

But i'm sure someone will be along who will actually know the answer to your question. :D


01-12-09, 21:30
lol Maxine,you just brought a smile to my face :D I've had a couple of good days so maybe things are looking up.Hope your meds are kicking in now.

You take care, Fishy xx

02-12-09, 12:25
Hey Fishy ( what a weird name lol )

I'm on day 6 now and at least i don't feel sick anymore.

How long did it take until the doc upped your dose?

And are you feeling calmer now?

Maxine :)

02-12-09, 20:41
Hi Maxine,well he first put me on 20mg and upped them to 30mg after 2 weeks.I was on the 30 for about 6 weeks or so but was starting to get anxiety again so he upped it further to 40mg.That's what I'm on now....its pretty much trial and error isnt it.And yes I've had three good days in a row so I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.

You take care now, Fishy xx

PS glad you like my name....I've always been a big fan of rock band Marillion who's lead singer was called 'Fish' (whether you've heard of them depends on your age cos they were at their peak in the 80s) :winks: