View Full Version : OLDER DRUGS? Anafranil suits me sir

15-11-05, 10:03
Excellent drug for me, one of the older tricyclics, side effects are constipation, which I take a natural laxative for 3 times a week , dry mouth, but only if I drink tea or coffee( WHICH IS BAD FOR ANXIETY ANYWAY !!)

Anxiety, Obsessive behaviour, depression, social isolation is lessening and this drug has done more for me than seroxat, prozac and lustral,they helped but only abit, my psychiatrist uses the older ones all the time, also amitriptyline, imipramine, I have only just found out my uncle has been on this, the oldest anti depressant , for 25 years, he has always seemed so in control and he told me its the imipramine, otherwise he just doesnt cope, this drug is so cheap compared to the newer ssris, but obviously they do help people ae well.

15-11-05, 10:41
hi frankie

Its great that youve found a med that suits you, it can be so disheartening going through different meds and not finding one that works, glad youve found one!

take care

15-11-05, 13:39
Glad its helping Frankie


Your anxiety is the human representation of the pictures that you paint using your many vivid colours of revolving and reoccurring thoughts.
How big is your gallery ?

15-11-05, 18:52
It seems to be helping me too. Despite the pressures to take newer drugs such as Prozac. I say if it aint broke, don't mend it.


16-11-05, 00:26
But to be sure I bet there are lots of people who dont get on with the older ones yet find the new ones brilliant !!

I have a return of my libido as well, I told my psychiatrist , she says that returns with an effective anti depressant

25-06-11, 10:32
my other half swears by this drug and has been on it for 20 years apart from a small time on fluoxetine which completely changed him and made him very aggressive to the point where he tried to strangle me ! very scary time ! so he stays on this although the generic one doesnt agree with him either !

04-10-11, 19:21
I tried this years ago after suffering from panic attacks. Within a couple of weeks I felt like my old self again. The doctors I see now won't prescribe this any more.I tried cipralex which was pretty effective for a few years, but recently I began suffering quite severely with anxiety & panic attacks again. I am now taking Seteraline (11 days) and am waiting to feel better. I'm wondering why the G.P's seem so reluctant to prescribe anafranil despite it's effectiveness?