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30-11-09, 16:29
hii, imm kate ive been diagnosed with anxiety and panic attacks. latley i have beem suffering from loss of appetite,feeling sick and relly bad panic attacks:( i also constantly feel i have something seriously wrong with me :/ because i have abdominal bloating and constipation i automatically worry i have opendicitis
does this happen to any one else??

margaret jones
30-11-09, 16:46
Hi Kate

I to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks you have come to the right place here there are lots of Threads for you to look at and hopefully get some help from , also the chat room where people will always listen and help if they can .

Take Care Margaret

30-11-09, 16:52
Hi Kate

Do you want me to move this post out of the testing forum for you?

:welcome: aboard as well